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The Sadness of Welfare


Please bear with me as I tell my saga of today. Im a mailman in Dallas and today I went and helped out in another part of town, where it is a bad, poor area. So I got there late, because after holiday we get twice the mail and many mailman call in. Its a set of apartments, so I get the mail out and start sorting it out. When up walks a lady wondering where her check was, so I tell to bear with me and let me get things sorted out.

Come to find its a welfare check and she is busting my balls about not being able to feed her children and so on. So I find it and sort feel bad for her. Give it to her and heads of to her 2008 Infinit M35, I am beyond raged. Then I continue to deliver the mail, then I get to her box, well well...Section 8 subsidies, WIC program and what I believe is a food stamp Card. When she gets back she is pissed of at me because the bank was closed so she has to wait till tomorrow. This woman was railing at me telling me what a piece of shit I am, then she told me that her TAXES paid for my job..I really wanted to body slam that bitch so bad. But I regress and sighed and wondered how many of this folks there are in America. That bitch does not even work.
Just had to get that off my chest..Im still fuming 4hrs later..Its sickening


Welfare is a disgusting legacy of the democratic party. The entitlement mentality begun under FDR and further perpetuated by LBJ as he waged his great "war on poverty". I hope all the lefty's on the board are proud.

The sad part is it will take a monumental effort from some yet unknown republican President and a full republican house and senate to turn this around. Will it ever happen at this point? It's still possible.


Zeb I believe in helping the poor, but this lady was abusing welfare. Its really so unbelievable, I talked to regular mailman and he said she receives child support from two baby daddies.
Zeb your right this how they buy votes and they are the ones keeping the man down.


Exactly! There are now generations that have been on welfare. Their job is beating the system and they know how to do it. This woman you had the encounter with is not the exception to the rule, she IS the rule.

One of the reasons Obama won, and there were many, was that these people knew exactly what he'd do for them. And he does it with our money. Money from hard working men and women like you and I. As I said on another thread, about half the country doesn't pay taxes. That means that those of us that are (paying) support the other half. Do I have to tell you what party this woman and most of the half NOT paying taxes are?

If you have a job and pay taxes and vote for a democrat you're an idiot.


How can one abolish welfare? Any ideas, I heard of one state that wanted to have those who receive aid to be submitted to drug test. I think this is a damn good idea. And why is that so wrong.


not only drug testing but also mandatory job assignment - there are plenty of close to minimum wage paying jobs out there, these folks figure they're better off getting welfare instead of working.
if there's a job out there they are physically fit to perform they should be working.


In most states, there are mandatory job assignments. The problems start when a person on assistance makes so much as a nickel over the mandatory maximum. That five cents will lose them hundreds of dollars in benefits, if not all benefits. Have you ever tried to pay all your bills on eighteen hours a week at minimum wage? It's not easy.

The welfare system is not designed to be a "helping hand" while one transitions from abject poverty to a working and making it in society status. The system is poorly designed and tends to keep those in it exactly where they are. I am not a fan of those who abuse the system, but I am even less of a fan of the system and the way it is currently run.


If she is really that poor I got a list of charities that can help her out, one of them helps people get jobs and baby sitters for single mother's kids for free.


This thread could have been called "The Madness of Welfare" instead.


Two things that you might want to borrow from Australias welfare program, a set "wage" and maximum asset limit for those applying for welfare. In my country you can't have more than 2000 dollars in total assets, and unemployment is 525 dollars a fortnight, though its still abused. Anyway wanted to highlight your point as well, if you are going to get paid by the government then you should be essentially a draftee for whatever job needs doing. Also long term it means the unemployed who for some reason can't get an education, get skills that allow them to get higher and higher in the job market. just my two cents



You're an insightful young man - That's a phrase I don't think I've ever used in this forum.


That bitch. She should be working 60 hours a week for minimum wage to make some already rich people even richer while she struggles to pay her rent.

Let the flaming begin, but don't miss my point: when the system is designed to fuck people, don't be surprised when people decide to start fucking the system.


Wasn't Clinton supposed to have reformed welfare so it fixed the problem of multigenerational welfare recipients? I don't know the details, but if that isn't the case I think we need to change the program to prevent abuses like this.


Interestingly enough, that is exactly what happened.

The system decided to fuck the "rich" and they fucked it right back.



To be fair, the only evidence you have that shes abusing the system is a nice car. And that could very well have been stolen.

You fascists never think about this kind of thing.


Oh no, private wealth redistribution is a big no-no.

Only the anointed ones may do that.


I think I should quit my job and just go on welfare. Do some jobs on the side and stay at home. Yea, now if everyone did this think how wonderful the world would be. The economy would be booming and our dollar would soar.

Oh wait. No, that's exact fucking opposite of what we should do.

There should be mandatory drug tests and employment attempts at the very least. If I happen to lose my job I'm glad there is a system to help me get back on my feet. It's just the scum of the earth that choose to stay off their feet that piss me off.


Just think if welfare and unemployment where done by private companies, these abuses would be gone.


So if you are against the welfare state you are a fascist?