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The Saboteur

I just read Shugart’s latest Blog entry:


It’s pretty scary how that kind of thing can bring you down. I have noticed this happening within the past few years. I was in college just a few years ago and my friends and I all destroyed ourselves in the name of fun quite often. Once college was over, they all kept doing it and I tried to clean up. The only thing that really helped was moving clear across the country.

Since moving I almost never miss a workout, my diet is near perfect, and I’m seeing the results that I’ve always wanted. I don’t have many friends here, just a few good ones.(maybe that’s why I’m on T-Nation so damn much) But, it doesn’t bother me. Almost everyone I knew back east was bringing me down with them, whether they were trying to or not.

Now, when I notice co-workers trying to rip me down, I just laugh, and shrug it off, and picture how fat they are under those huge clothes.

Anyway, moving across the country was kind of an easy way out. Has anybody else had to deal with this without putting 2400 miles between themselves and their “friends”?

Where back east are you from?