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The Russkis Know How to Put on a Meet



Couple of dudes go over 600 raw at a meet.

I just thought (a) the fact that they had two guys benching in the 600's raw at the same meet was cool (touch 'n' go or not) and (b) the fact that they had cheerleaders and a smoking hawt CARD GIRL. All that was lacking was pyrotechnics and celebrities ringside (platform-side?).

Also, Dmitry Kasawhatever looks like one jacked mofo.

Also also, why the fuck does every other video have Rammstein playing in the background? Not only that, but the same song every time. Weak.


Russia has pretty good handle on this powerlifitng thing.

There's more money going into the sport there. Big sponsors mean big venues, card girls (occassionally naked ones), and decent cash prizes. While powerlifting is not a huge sport there the way soccer is, it definitely generates more public interest than it does here.

While I'm not particularly interest in the version of powerlifting the IPF has been pushing in the last couple decades, the RPF is a wicked fed. The judging looks to a little looser than what we see in USAPL or IPF Worlds (but still legit lifts). And the liberal testing practices show. RPF lifters tend to be some big, androgenic-looking mesomorphs. The RPF looks like how the USPF looked in the late 80s or early 90s- big men hitting lots of big lifts.


Maximov is an awesome surname for a lifter



They are more awesome than I had previously suspected.


I wonder how the numbers vary from meets with the nude card girls to the meets where they are clothed....


606 raw bench? These guys never cease to amaze me.

What is this about nude card girls? I want proof of this. I'm calling you out! That's one hell of a claim to make.

Pics or it didn't happen.


Man that looks like some old school cool raw lifting


I'm guessing the spotters have to do more work


Speaking of spotters, can someone tell me why they looked like my little skateboarding cousin? I bench press literally HALF that and i wouldnt for my life let someone remotely of that look spot me on a 1RM