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The Rule of 10 Template

just a quick question about this template. first off it looks like a fun template to me
and thats what lifting should be fun and challenging. just wondering if the last set is pushed
then the rule of ten or is the 10 included in the last set. ie
85% x 5+ then go for the ten or 85% x 5+ up to ten?

It’s the total amount of reps done at the final set - so all the reps count.

We are also doing some cool things with blocks of time - doing things such as “as many sets of 3-5 reps in X amount of minutes” with FSL and the top set. It’s the same kind of idea but we started playing around with this last summer and it’s a fun way to train, provided you don’t suffer from “I gotta be a bodybuilder” and do 100000000 things per workout. Also it is imperative that you notice bar speed - when that shits the bed, you have to do less reps, take more time between sets or cut out completely.

This has nothing to do with what you asked but it reminded me of that. Just remember that bar speed is critical.

Thanks for the clarification, i workout at lunch then go back to work and dont have a ton of time to do the “bodybuilder 1000000000 things” anyway haha. Funny though… i think i look better and bigger now since doing 531 then when i was doing bodybuilding stuff.