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The Routine


Right now my routine pretty simple and heavy.

5-7x3 Deadlifts
5x5-7 Pulldowns or Pull-ups
5x5-8 One-Arm DB Rows or Barbell Rows
Abs 9 sets

5-7x3 Bench Press
5x5-7 Incline DB Bench Press
5x5-8 Military Press
3x3 Bench Press
Abs 9 sets

5-7x3 Back Squats
5x8 Front Squats
5x8 Hack Squats or Lunges
Abs 9 sets

In 4 weeks I'm going to go on a full body or split routine for the following 4 weeks with 2-3 thirty minute cardio sensions.

I'm going to increase my rep range to about 8-10 and sets will be between 2-4.

My goal is strength and size. What do you think of this progressive routine plan?


Dunno not an expert but it looks up balanced to me. Why are you doing a bench press twice in one workout with different parameters? Do you really think that set os 3x3 bench presses are gonna do anything for your chest after you've already done 8 or so sets on the flat and incline bench.


-my bench is lagging
-do you mean unbalanced?


Nevermind, =D.This routine is working great, I'm sore as hell and have no energy after the gym. I get a lot of rest and I'm sleeping like a baby with no supplements.


Yeah I meant unbalanced. Glad its working for you. Thats what its all about. Still would split all that benching up a little but hey its your shoulders and as long as its working for ya.