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The Routine of Future Mr. O


heres my first post. please critique my routine.

mon. off

squats 3x8-10
RDL 3x8-10
bulgarian squats 3x8-10

1.bb bench 3x8-10
1. weighted pullups 6x3
2. db inc bench 3x8-10
2. pullldown varaiton 3x10-12
3. pushups 2 sets to failure
3. shrugs 3x10-12

thur. off

1. skullcrushers 3x10-12
1. bb curls 3x10-12
2. tri. ext machine 3x10-12
2. db curls 3x10-12
3. standing calf raises
4. seated calf
4. ab circuit

1. BB row
2. t bar row
3. m press
4 dips
5 face pulls

i would have more lower body work but im totally spent after squats, rdl, an bs squats


Too much upperbody, not enough lower body.


God I would love to see your physique if you think you are going to be Mr. Olympia.

If you are joking that's fine but if not then you need to get your head on straight.


hey scott, a man has to dream right?

You should post your weights so you can track the progress. Unless your going balls out on like every other set on legs u need a little more.


Too much chest, no leg curls or stiff leg deads (I can't remember what Romanian DLs are). I like 8 to 9 sets for quads. Works for me I can squat 405 nice and deep for 8 reps. Not bragging just saying I've made some good improvements on my legs. Friday looks good. Mix up your exercises.

Ultimately, you need to change your routine every so often. That will keep your muscles guessing and a growing. Right now it depends where your at. I don't know how advanced you are. You might make some good progress with your current leg w/o. Everyone is different so your going to have to find out threw experience. Definitely too much chest though and back too.

And get that protein in your belly!


im joking about the mr. o thing. im 17 and kinda new at bodybuilding-so i guess its still possible. i have decent strength for a noob. i can squat and dead over 300 and bench over 200 at 160 pounds: no where near where i want but im on the right path. i got this routine from a guy on bodybuilding.com

if this isnt a good 4 day split. what is?
btw i actually like the leg day because i can do cardio without worrying about leg recovery


how the fuck is that too much chest? he does 4 chest exercises spread out through his training, thats perfectly fine.

And romanian deadlifts are almost the exact fucking same as stiff legged deadlifts, and are mentioned a lot on this site.

I also have to say that he has enough leg volume FOR NOW aswell. Squats and RDL's kick the shit out of you if you work them hard enough, but eventually you can get used to them and THEN increase the volume.

OP, your routine is fine, Legs, Chest/Back, Arms & some shoulder, back chest at the end to finish it up, nothing wrong with that, CT recommends programs like that with supersets quite often.

One thing I would say though, is try to do what feels right for YOU, i personally can't get on with supersets, so i dont use them, if they work for you thats great though.


Actually, stiff-leggeds are done with straight legs and Romanians are done with the knees bent.


"Almost the exact fucking same."


Obviously if you are still making this statement, you have never done both of them with signifigant weights, because they are not "Almost the exact fucking same". There are a few articles on here that talk about this exact subject.


The point is, is that he has a very good hamstring exercise in his program. Hagar said he needed to include Stiff-legged, and didn't know what RDL's was. I was pointing this out.

They are, almost the same. They are very similar. One has legs very slightly bent (hyper-extending the knee bent over with 'significant weight' is a bad idea) and one has knees slightly bent.



Just do the program and figure out how it works for you. The exercise selection is fine, and if you work hard and eat enough, you'll grow bigger and stronger.


I agree with you Goodfellow.

They are almost the exact same thing. Why would someone (fighting tiger and BFBullpup) argue that they are different or that one is better than the other? That's like saying Olympic back squats are better than all other squat variations or should be used instead of other squat variations. Use them all!!!!

This kid is putting together a "bodybuilding" type of routine. His exercise selection is perfect for his goals. He has compound lifts and isolation exercises. You need both.

Stop sweating the small stuff and start training people!!


Legs should most definitely not be straight when doing stiff-legged deadlift unless your goal is to screw up your back. There's a big difference between stiff and straight.


Stiff-legged DL as I know it mostly has to do with keeping the bar further away from the body during the movement -- putting more emphasis on the lower back. With RDLs, the bar is kept as close to the body as possible.

Either way...

Good Mornings kick ass too :slightly_smiling:


is it okay that i have a day entirely devoted to smaller body parts (friday)? i mean i could do those at the end of my 2 upper body workouts, but my energy levels are low after doing 4 compund movements. so, recovery wise, do you think its okay that i do back width one day, bicep isolation another day, and then back thickness another day--this wont overtrain my biceps will it? samthing for triceps.

i have horizontal pushing one day, tri isolation, then vertical pushing another. i guess this is fine because the tris and bis recover quicker than bigger parts, right?



Just do it.