the rookie is back

the question is and I’m really testing you guys-What is the best bang for the buck, fewest side effects, safest cycle? This is strictly your opinions. Please list all “gear” that is required-blockers, ect. This should be designed for someone who is trying to simply add muscle and stay lean. OK lets hear it

LOL. Search Engine → “Steroid Newbie Thread.”

thanks again to all!!

i recommend no2 and cell tech.

protein and pussy

pussy is protein: )~

Why don’t you just leave the steroid newbie thread at the top of the steroid forum, it might help.

And the winner is:

Tren-Freak, for actually answering the question!

Congratulations, you win a year’s supply of dry-humping, compliments of P-dog.

im never gonna live down this dry humping thing. tren freak hasnt been around in a while and is probably wondering wtf all this talk about dry humping is about.

i think i might change my name to “dry-dog.”