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The Rocks Hercules Deal


Hey guys dont flame me for this I know the general reaction to the hollywood diet / workouts is no beuno, but check out what the rock is cooking...

Looks like hes eating 3lbs of meat per day.. I ran his Macros through my fitness pal for shits and giggles and bassically hes eating
50% pro 35% carb 15% fat 6 days per week and 1 cheat day
Hes doing 45-60min per day of fasted ss cardio then 1.5 of weight work per day with a 15min high intesity finisher.. Shit like kettle bells or box jumps

Whats weird to me was based on his weight hieght age and trying to gain 25lbs of muscle for the role hes only eating 17xBW Also his cheat days are epic something like 4 pizzas box of doughnuts and 12 pancakes.. Surely he cant be doing that every 6 days


That's how I ate when I put on the most muscle at one time. the cardio will help him keep it in check.


how much dies he wasn't too weigh for Hercules? he was billed at 280 for mania 29 and her looked like a monster. I guess he probably lost a little having surgery after for torn ab muscles


Ya, I think The Rock knows how his body works. Dude is pretty jacked.


So did you do a cheat day every week or is that a once in a few weeks thing? Also 2.5hrs of working out is pretty hard for the every day joe 6x per week. Did you do that too?


When I was training twice a day, I had two cheat days a week but held most of it for one day. The other was a "cheat meal".

If I was in the gym twice a day, it was AT LEAST 30 min at a time (so sometimes 2hrs a day or so), so yeah....when you train like that, you don't have to watch diet as closely if you have a decent metabolism...especially when trying to gain.


I may try this is sept.. For 12 weeks and see how it goes.. Im basically half the rocks size @ 180 so I'll just cut the portions in half.. I'd like to get to 200lbs by Feb...As far as training goes 2hrs is cool but it may have to be 5 days per week cuz my weekends are tight... But I may just do cardio for 1hr Sat & sun so I dont blow up. I'll probably stick to a moderate cheat day so I can enjoy my NFL season ticket without being a total puss when the chili & pizza come out.

Not sure why this got bumped to GAL but oh well.. His routine looked pretty solid too. In other articles he says he adds weight and lowers reps week to week peaking the highest weights the 4th week.. Also I noticed he avoids squats & bench due to some old football injurys..Heres a better link



among other things he seems to take a bucketload of hydrolyzed drinks similar to MAG-10


The Rock is also gifted with freakish genetics, the amount of volume, frequency, and recovery he can handle are much different then the average joe.. Possibly even most assisted average joes as well.. I did always wonder if he has ever run low doses of AAS or any other similar drugs though.


That last link says his split is 1) chest and shoulders 2) legs and back 3) arms, then repeat.

I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on the wisdom of splitting it like that? Especially doing legs and back on the same day (in the same session no less)?

He (and his trainer) clearly know their stuff, I'm just interested.


He admitted to taking steroids when he was at Miami. I'm guessing during his career in wrestling and as a movie star he dabbled here and there as well.

And by dabbled I mean, took enormous quantities of whatever he needed to in order to keep the 7 figure checks rolling in.


Well, to be fair, he had to make a difficult decision.

Will he take substances that will maintain fame and fortune, a steady supply of bimbos and a 24/7 erection or not?

Tough choice, really.


"low doses of AAS"?



He has fantastic genetics, a large frame, he is lean with a lot of muscle, he's working like a beast, and he is on AAS and GH. No doubt he will make a great transformation. He's been working George Farha Bber guru so you know he's getting the diet and AAS plan to blow the fuck up.

The rock is awesome. Can't wait to see some pics. He was massive in fast 6 so 25 more lbs will be crazy


Lol exactly




He does have great genetics. I mean look at his father. Not to say he hasn't taken anything to help out, but it helps to have great genetics.


His dad was obviously a big dude, but did it occur to you that he was more'n likely juiced to the gills as well?


He probably was but look at his frame. I'm sure he was a big strong man without taking the juice.

You can tell when the Rock was 15 he had a great starting point to get nice and big.


There are quite a few pictures on TheRocks Instagram page