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The Rock Returns on Monday Night RAW


I miss smelling what this man was cooking.


Out of his contract with Disney at last.


Ya they wouldn't stop talking about this on the radio this morning...Ah the memories. If only they could get Austin to come back as well. The two greatest WWE wrestlers of all time in the ring one more time. That'd be sweet.


Is he back for real or was he just there randomly? If its "permanent" I might start watching again.

oh, and he has to feel odd in the locker room lol

like an old team captain coming to a team of kids that dont know who he is..


I would guess that it's a temporary deal: he's been stuck making children's flicks for Disney up until recently, so this 'comeback' is probably to whet the appetites of older fans in anticipation of his move back into action movies (i.e Faster and that Fast and the Furious sequel).



he "promised" in that video that he "is back and is never leaving again"

pretty awesome. I havent watch wrestling since i was a little kid and that clip brought back some fond memories lol


I would be very surprised if he actually wrestled again. He's close enough to being an A-lister if he isn't already. He'll make an appearance here and there I bet, but nothing substantial.


<--- stoked.


i don't think he's gonna wrestle again... lots of injuries, lots of stress, lots of travel... and as usmc stated his movie career is relatively successful why go back to wrestling? i see him making a few appearances and reviving his older generation fan base and reminding people how much of a bad ass he is...


I like how they kept on panning over to the audience to show their reaction and all the kids under 20 had the same "Who the hell" reaction face.


I am upset i missed this. :frowning:


Its incredibly weird to hear the Rock use the word "I", even outside of that part where he broke character and started talking as Dwayne. There were a couple other times that he said "I" instead of "The Rock".

Guess he's got a little bit of ring rust to work off, especially since he was incredible about never ever breaking the third-person references when he was there previously.


It's all about audience perception. He's never going to fully revert back to The Rock persona, because he's trying to use his return to wrestling as a springboard to where he was before he made the move into kiddie flicks: he did The Tooth Fairy and Escape to Witch Mountain and both underperformed. I guess after that he waited out his contract with Disney.

He has still done better than Stone Cold or John Cena, so he's back in WWE to re-generate the kind of buzz he had when he first left. The fact that he is not the old Rock indicates that he's not back to stay permanently, even if he says he is.


he should have taken off after walking tall if not the scorpion king. that is a talented, hard working man.


I was never into wrestling, but when I used to work with Child and Family Services back in the late 90s the teenage boys always wanted to watch RAW or whatnot and I used to say I didn't like wrestling but I did catch some of that Steve Austin/Rock stuff and loved it.

Not even the wrestling part...once they started that I got bored, but the stuff The Rock would say and Steve Austin doing all that beer stuff was great.


honestly i think he redeemed himself after he put out Faster... i forgave him for his previous mishaps... oh don't forget that QB movie he made either... "The Game Plan" i believe it was called...


What injuries? I've never heard of him being hurt after he left the WWE.

Which reminds me that Austin's knee is fucked, he'll never wrestle again.


Am the only one that has realized many many years ago that WWE is completely scripted???


I was like that before they came out an admitted it years ago.....now that they admit it, I think it's OK to watch some WWE here and there.

But I really do feel sorry for the people back in the day that really thought that the IRS guy was really angry at the guy who was raised from the dead or whatever. Or that the Saudis and Russians settled their differences by lightly punching each other in the place behind the ear while stomping on the mat.


That was a hell of an entrance.
I'd say he'll be back for a while but go back to movie eventually.

A really talented and cool dude. Plus, he looks bigger than ever in that video