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The Rock Joins up with the IFBB

Nick’s Strength & Power confirms The Rock will promote an IFBB show in 2020 in Atlanta.

It will be an Arnold’s like sports festival with a UFC event on in the same festival.

Now to the rumours lol

Prize money rumoured at $1,000,000 for the winner :scream: I should note that this show will pay more than the Olympia is not in question. It’s just a question of how much

Olympia will be killed off in favour of this show due to IFBB’s relationship with the current promoters lol

no way??

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IFBBs relationship with current promoters?


They picked the right hype man, for sure, Johnson couldn’t be hotter in social media, news, movies, or anything else for that matter, they’re gonna draw a gaggle of people that they wouldn’t normally simply due to his charisma.

Triple H has been a presenter or something in that vein at past Olympias… Wrestlers love bodybuilding. I actually found a VERY OLD video on youtube with Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat competing in a bodybuilding contest assumingly before their wrestling careers took off.



I don’t know any details or how true it is but he says that the IFBB is not happy with AMI and how they’re handling the Olympia. In the video, it says The Rock originally intended to buy the Olympia but couldn’t get the deal over the line.

What seems to be implied is that once the AMI deal expires, that will be it (or The Rock’s show becomes the Olympia, I guess)

Don’t forget the ultimate warrior I believe he was doing one of the npc nationals before he made the jump.

Here’s the thing that separates The Rock from HHH, Snuka, Steamboat, Ultimate Warrior, or even John Cena: A-list star power. He’s not just the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, he is also a mainstay in one of the biggest modern movie franchises that’s not Marvel. The Rock has the potential to bring in not just wrestling fans, but also general movie fans and Instagram power. The Rock has almost 10 times the Instagram followers as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Don’t forget all of his side projects, including those that appreciate and honor the military. People will go see him just because he appears to be a good, genuine dude who cares about his fellow humans.

I think the Rock + IFBB events is really good for the sport. He can definitely take the sport to a whole new level. And if this event is like the Arnold on crack they will draw in new fans and grow the sport too.

sounds cool but this thread is 6 years old, looks like it will never materialise.

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It was started a little over a month ago.


August 13th, not August of ‘13.


pardon me, lads!

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