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The Rock 'Faster' Trailer






I love The Rock.

I really had high hopes for him after "The Rundown" and that was 7 years ago!

I think I can understand why he slimmed down (not that he was fat) because unfortunately it's not the 80s anymore (sadly) and people don't seem to need their action heroes large. That's my theory.


He occasionally works out at the Golds I use to go to and I gotta say, he is a really nice guy and strong as an ox. The movie looks badass, so happy he isnt playing some bullshit fruitcake role


Thank you movie gods! I think he got soft after the birth of his baby, and went TOTALLY into the Disney family of family movies. Now we can see him fuck some shit up!

I also think he is secretly 460's skinnier brother. Just sayin'



Revenge action movies = great viewing.


First half of the preview looked awesome, but after about 1:30 in, I started to get a different sense that kinda dried me up a little down under.

Can't quite put my finger on why, exactly... maybe because the darker action/thriller vibe I was picking up on was spoiled by a couple clips that made me think of cheesier action flicks (slick bad guys, car chase scenes seemingly ripped from Fast and Furious).

Might've just been the way the clips were strung together. Maybe I had something else in mind after the first few seconds. Maybe I'm crazy.

I'll have to mull that over, but this movie definitely looks bad ass. I've always been a big fan of Johnson's action movies.


He got locked into a 3 movie deal with Disney ... I think while he was fulfilling that contract he couldn't do any action flicks or something like that (someone can fact check me I'm not sure how accurate I am).

But now that he's fulfilled his obligation to kiddie flicks he's back in action movies (where he's needed).



I had the same reaction, all good until the fancy cars and guns. Fancy expensive clean things do not trump gritty dirty revenge in my book.


he was in atl filming for the new movie and i saw him at the LA fitness here. Guy is strong as an ox and pretty nice to everyone who talked to him. luckily everyone was really cool about it and not hounding him for pictures or autographs. he was here for about 1 month. I remember the first time i saw him i didn't know it was him until i saw his tattoos.

on a side note he rocks UM gear everytime at the gym (he used to play for UM back in the day... D-line)


I can sorta see how you got that vibe. It goes into a Beverly Hills Cop 2 type of cutting on the trailer with the glitz.

But I'm going to say the trailer had me at shooting a man on the operating table. WIN


Definitely. You think maybe he'll let him get through surgery, and then blast him later (like that's the 'right' thing to do" and then BAM!


Movie looks kick ass


What's wrong with the music? That is the same song from The Heavies that we were talking about before in the New Music thread that sounds like a Red dead Redemption track when you listen to the start of it.


Is it all the same or does the song change at the end of the clip. The first part I could just not get into. The last part was cool.


I can't wait to snatch up the bootleg of this! LOl. I'm just now seeing Predators... When is this one supposed to hit theaters?


Depending on where you are and how ahead of the time the bootleggers are over there, you could be seeing it before we do.

Releases here Nov 24, and the only release date before that is Nov 4 in Argentina according to IMDB, so who knows when there'll be a copy that someone shot with people moving around, coughing, laughing in the theater...


This looks awesome.


This looks cool. Most of the Rock's movies have been just ok, but I've watched 'em all [except for the Disney flicks] several times just 'cause I like the Rock. Yes, I may have just admitted my man crush on the Rock. Don't tell Bruce Willis.


Having viewed the trailer, I understand now what people meant when they were talking about the first half being a dirty gritty revenge film and the second half being a Fast and Furious style film.


Download the song and really listen to it. I think it is badass and if that is the vibe they are going with, I will be first in the seats.

That song has a real "atmosphere" to it especially at the beginning.

It's by "Heavy" and is called "Short Change Hero".

Like I said, the beginning of the song sounds like a soundtrack for Red dead redemption...which may be why they chose it.


I have also been terribly disappointed in the Rock ever since he made "The Rundown." This looks enjoyable however.