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The Rob and Big Show


To those of you that haven't seen this show yet - you absolutelt must see this show NOW. Yea, I know. MTV sucks right. Right. I hate it, you hate it. But this is without a doubt one of the best reality television show on TV period(at least my fav).



It's a great show.


I remember this show when they measured the size of a 22' wheel and it turned out that Big Black also has 22' arms.



I've watched a collective 5 minutes. I don't get it, are they gay?


I agree. I watched half of the show the other day and my best guess is that he's a skater that has a bodyguard?...why?


I haven't seen this show yet, but it seems like the same spirit of a show here in Canada called Kenny vs Spenny.

It's basically two roommates who make up competitions against each other every week, with the loser being forced to do something humiliating on camera.... genius.


I didn't expect to like it at all. Surprisingly, it really is funny. Big is a pretty witty guy. The funniest moment yet is when Rob asked him how big of a woman he likes. It went something like this:

Rob: "How big do you like your women"?

Big: "I warm up 160, max out...220 "

Rob: "I'm 130lbs, I'm glad i'm not even on your radar"

Big: "No, but in prison...in prison you would be on my radar"


Id be willing to bet that Rob Dyrdek pulled more ass last week then you have in your entire life.

And the show is halarious btw


So did he cum in your mouth or your ass?



...that was a classy post bro, good job.


Relax man, it was just a joke.


It's a good show for sure.


And a funny one.


It was classy and funny and made you look like stupid. How about getting off Rob Dyrdek's(I don't even know who the guy is) nuts and living your own life. If you feel the need to vicariously live your sex life through some B-list celebrity, you have serious issues. I feel very sorry for you.




how the fuck was that even close to funny, thats something a 15 year old would say. yes, i live my sex life through a celebrity because i stated he pulls a lot of ass, i dont even know how to respond to some fucking fat fuck meat head trying to run his mouth on the internet.


Actually, I'm 18. And had you known anything about me, or at least looked at my profile, you would have called me a "tiny, scrawny, puny little t-man wannabe" not a "fat fuck meat head."


I thought it was pretty funny. And I usually think those kind of jokes are stupid and juvenile. That one was very well-played though. Though I thought your response was actually serious and good-humoured and you recognized that too. That would've been nice.


fucking fat fuck meat head

I'm writing this one down - arguably the wittiest retort in history.


I'm sorry you have no sense of humor and can't get any of your own ass so you have to worship someone who you presume gets a lot of ass. At least you admit to it.

You know, if you decide to go bisexual you almost double your chances of not going home alone at night. Good luck and I hope life gets better for you.