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Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185
Bodyfat: Between 10% and 15%

Bench: 205
Deadlift: 365

TB Deadlift: 415
Front Squat: 225

I am training for powerlifting. I look up to guys like Eric Cressey, Ted Toalston, and Ryan Spencer. I know it will take a lot of hard work and a good amount of time, but I want my numbers to look like this:

Squat: 500+
Bench: 350+
Deadlift: 650+

(All Raw)

My training mostly consists of heavy singles, doubles, and triples for the main moves. I also do some speed work. I train at my college's gym so I have to make do with the crappy equipment that is available (such as hex plates and strangely/unnecessarily thick barbells). I will be able to join a more hardcore powerlifting gym next year and I cannot freaking wait; but for now I just have to make the most of my crowded, crappy, commercial, college gym.


My upcoming training, subject to some modifications


Great session tonight. Accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish

Squats - I wanted to hone my technique after taking a little bit of time off from squats and because I am still relatively new to them. I am finally finding the right mental ques: "Big Air" then "Hips"

Worked up to 265x2, last set was my easiest set due to my technique finally getting locked in

Speed Sumo DL- Still learning this technique, made some big strides tonight despite keeping the weight fairly light.


Split Squats- Finally able to do 3 sets of these without falling all over the place, perfect form


PB Ball Rollout Iso-holds- felt very solid on these, torso strength is improving bit by bit


As I get deeper into this 4 week program I will not be ramping up the weights, I will warm up to heavy weight then count my sets from there