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The Road to Wherever: Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Yup, another log. Won’t waste time, if youve been on musclemayhem.com, or musculardevelopment.com, you know who I am. I have videos of my lifts in competition, so it’s not feasible for me to lie about them. Me and my partner are using 5/3/1 and we are both students. Him at Chicago State University and me at Harold Washington College.

I’m in a deload week, so it’s pretty uneventful right now. So I’ll list my comp lifts.

Dead: 545

Not sure when my next meet is, but I will keep you guys in the loop. I want this to be more than a training log though.

Arnold Classic: Who ya got!!!

Week 4 Wave 1 of 5/3/1


No percentages were used for this week. Just a deload, and move some blood around


Other shit done too.

Bench: No percentages…deload

3 sets of five: 135/5, 185/5, 225/5

Some kettlebell stuff.

Next week, it’s back to work…

Leg Training:

Today was’nt so much of a deload. It was light weight, felt good to push a bit after a week of relaxing a bit but what made it a kind of hard workout…

The Farmers Walk…

On top of that, we did it in public, on the sidewalk, in front of a school…It’s nice to be able to do a movement, and just enjoy doing it for the hell of it.

Next week, back to it…

This past weeks training was good. Picking and choosing my battles as far as the big lifts go. For this 4 week cycle, I’m looking to improve my squat and deadlift, so I’m pushing those pretty hard. The military press and bench get the prescribed reps only until next cycle, the I’ll focus on my bench and military.

Past weeks training

Feb 3: Deadlifts: 444 for 6

Feb 5: Bench


Feb 6: Squat

340 for 3(very, very bad day)

This week so far

MP 175 for 3.

The past weeks deadlift workout went really well, so I may have roasted myself for the weeks later workout, but I also had some things that screwed me up also. Last Saturdays training went BAAAAAAAAAAD, so me and my partner are looking to redeem ourselves this week.

On the nutrition front, I’m cooking more. May not seem like much, but it’s helping not gain too much shit weight, as I have enough already. I have’nt set out a meet date yet, but there is one coming in the summer, and there is also one in the spring, and I have to look at where is my training, am I mentally prepared along with emotionally, and is my food, rest and nutrition is on point. Is my conditioning up to par also? That is something that I have been questioning for a while(even through I know the answer).

I will post some of last weeks deadlift training along with this weeks sometime tonight

I still plan on using the safety squat bar for my next four week phase to give my shoulders a rest, and really push up my bench and military. I also look forward to doing both powerlifting and bodybuilding shows this year.

Very nice effort! Impressive DL!
Have you done bodybuilding shows before, and does the dieting involved hinder your powerlifting?

Thanks man, appreciate that.

I have never done bodybuilding and powerlifting in conjunction. I’ve only competed in bodybuilding and I’ve been using powerlifting to thicken up all over, and last year was my first two meets. The show will be my first show in about 5 years, so I need to bring something diffrent for my personal satisfaction, and hope the judges like it

Wednesday: Deadlift. Top set listed only

470 for 5

“Posterior” Barbell complex: Shrugs
Barbell Rows
RDL’s: 135/ 10, 10, 185/8

Solid day. Friday is bench. Looking forward to going to the Arnold and watching the strongman and bodybuilding, provided I’m not working

ooops…forgot the video for the deadlift


I really suck at log updates, so please forgive. It’s been a busy month with school, training and trying to find a job.

Hit Bench press today ad got 320 for 5. My elbows were barking, so I need to warm up a bit more. Also may include some more fat bar pressing. Wanted to include a pic of my back. This one is from this past Wednesday. Happy with the progress, but nowhere near satisfied…my journey continues

This is where I was in November

Figured it was time for an update:

Competing in a bodybuilding show this fall, the NPC Midwest ironman. Haven’t been onstage since 2005, so this should be fun.

Also doing a UPA meet before I start my diet. The recovery phase will be a good transition into more of a contest prep routine. I’m using 5/3/1 and I’m incorporating some DC concepts with it(rest pause, widowmakers) and look forward to the strength gains I’ll be getting from it.

I appreciate all three of you that read this.

BTW: Hit military’s for 6 reps rest paused. 180 lbs, and I’m not a strong presser at all.