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The Road to WBFF Fitness/Muscle Model


I'm making the transition from competing as a bodybuilder to that of a fitness model in 2015. I wanted to start a detailed log in order to assess my progress over the coming months/year. The goal ATM is to add more mass (rather hard for me as I stay lean pretty much year round). I have been awful at keeping consistent logs, so feel free to moan ATM if I don't post regularly enough for your liking!

The WBFF usually go for a marketable all round physique/stage presence, so making the transition from static bodybuilding pose to more natural looking ones will be undoubtedly tough. I'll be competing next year at either the European show or one in London as an amateur.


17.08.2014: Arms

Smith Close-Grip Bench
29kg x 10 (warmup)
49kg x 10
69kg x 10
69kg x 10
59kg x 10
49kg x 10

Pause Hammer Curl superset Standing Cable Curl
10kg x 10 > 10kg x 20
10kg x 10 > 12.5kg x 20
10kg x 10 > 12.5kg x 20
10kg x 10 > 15kg x 20
10kg x 10 > 15kg x 20

Machine Seated Tricep Press
35kg x 20
45kg x 20
65kg x 20
75kg x 15 > 45kg x 20

Dumbbell Concentration Curl superset 2-Arm Cable Curl
10kg x 10 > 5kg x 20* each arm
10kg x 10 > 7.5kg x 10
10kg x 10 > 5kg x 15

Good workout… Short but productive. Attached some stage photos of my competition in June.