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The Road To The Wrestling Ring

Day 2, Week 4 OVT

Sorry I’m late posting this workout from Wednesday, been spending time with my fiance the last few days. Needless to say she’s been keeping me preoccupied from getting online. I’m heading out to the gym in a few minute to do my arm day, I’ll post it sometime tomorrow. Shoulder day is Sunday.

A1: Squat- 155 lbs 1x5, 175 lbs 2x5, 195 lbs 2x5
A2: Hammer Strength Leg Ext.- 110 lbs 2x7, 130 lbs 3x5
(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

B1: Glute Machine- 90 lbs 1x5, 100 lbs 4x5
B2: Leg Curl- 70 lbs 3x5, 80 lbs 2x5
(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

C1: Standing Calf Raise- 185 lbs 3x20

Diet for Wednesday 4/15/09

5 Eggs and salad
Whey Protein Shake
Steak and sweet peas
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine, Creatine

Happy Lifting,

Day 3-Rest

Day Four, Week 4 OVT

Triceps, Biceps day was last night, I’m posting it today as I promised last night. Good workout, increased weight on a few lifts and increased my endurance on a few weights. I threw some cardio in on the end, did the treadmill on it’s steepest incline at a brisk walk for about 10 minutes.

Update: I realized today that I’ve been posting the wrong weight for my preacher curls the last four weeks. I didn’t take into account the weight of the bar for some reason. After some research I’ve found the weight is on average 25 lbs. So I’ll go back and fix my preacher curls weight as of today.

A1: Ez Curl Bar Curls- 55 lbs 5x5
A2: Alternating Dumbbell Curls- 2 30 lbs dbs 3x5, 2 25 lbs dbs 2x5

B1: Preacher Curl- 55 lbs 5x5
B2: Hammer Curls- 30 lbs 5x5

C1: Dumbbell French Press- 65 lbs 5x5
C2: Lying Triceps Extension- 65 lbs 5x5

D1: Tricep Pulldown- 100 lbs 1x5, 110 lbs 1x5, 120 lbs 2x7, 1x5
D2: Seated One-Armed Overhead Tricep Ext.- 17.5 lbs 4x5, 15 lbs 1x5

I threw in one more set of tricep pulldown to finish my triceps off at 90 lbs for 20 reps. Then I proceeded to do the cardio described above. Tomorrow is Shoulder day, should be able to get online to post it on time tomorrow.


Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine, Creatine
1 1/2 Round Steaks, baked potato
Tuna, Salad
Eggs, Sweet Peas

I plan on adding some different stuff into my diet as of next Friday or so. Just had to wait till I got paid.

Happy lifting,

What school are you planning on getting trained at?

I’ve flip flopped a few times over the last year or two. But Scott D’Amore’s Can-Am Wrestling School sounded good when I emailed him recently. I was going to try Dan Severn’s school, but it didn’t look like the right place to try.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated from somebody like yourself.


Day 5(4/18)-Rest

Day 6, Week 4 OVT(4/19/09)

Here’s my shoulder workout from Sunday. This week I’m going out of two to Indiana to go visit a friend for the weekend. I guess I’m going to combine my four workouts into two this week. I’ll work Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps tonight, and Legs, Abs, and Shoulders tomorrow. There isn’t a Powerhouse within driving distance of his place so my hand is kind of forced on that one. Shoulder workout went pretty decent. I think Shoulders and Biceps are probably my weakest points besides needing to lean down eventually. I’ve got pretty good triceps, now I’ve just got to keep working hard and get those shoulders and biceps caught up. Didn’t get abs in, but I’ll try to throw in some ab work on my off days over the weekend.

A1:Machine Shoulder Press- 95 lbs 5x5
A2:Lateral Raises- 12.5 lbs 5x5
(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

B1:Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 45 lbs 5x5
B2:Cable Front Raises- 35 lbs 5x7
(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

C1:Seated Cable Rows To The Neck- 85 lbs 4x5, 90 lbs 1x5
C2: Reverse Delt Flyes- 2 7.5 lbs dbs 5x6
(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

D1: Barbell Shrugs- 190 lbs 5x5
D2: Dumbbell Shrugs- 2 65 lbs dbs 5x5
(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

5 Scrambled Eggs, Salad
2 Pork Chops, Green Beans
Whey Protein, BCAAs
Whey Protein, BCAAs, Glutamine, Creatine
Tuna, Remainder of green beans

Omega 3,6,9 3x daily and multi-vitamin as always.

Thanks for reading, feedback, advice is welcome as always.

Happy lifting,


[quote]The Buzz wrote:
I’ve flip flopped a few times over the last year or two. But Scott D’Amore’s Can-Am Wrestling School sounded good when I emailed him recently. I was going to try Dan Severn’s school, but it didn’t look like the right place to try.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated from somebody like yourself.


Can’t go wrong with D’Amore’s school.

Thanks for the feedback. Once again, good luck with your current goal.

If you have any tips for what type of cardio I should focus on to get ready for wrestling I’d appreciate it, if not thanks anyway. Right now I’m just basically doing 10-25 minutes of incline brisk walking/jogging on the treadmill a few times a week.

Edit: Just browsed your log and saw that you already answered a question about cardio.


Day 1 Week 5, OVT(Done on Wednesday the 22nd)

A1: Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 45 lbs 1x5, 2 47.5 1x5, 2 50 1x5, 2 55 2x5
A2: Dumbbell Flyes- 2 35 lbs 5x5

B1: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 40 lbs 1x5, 2 42.5 lbs 1x5, 2 45 lbs 3x5
B2: Incline Dumbbell Flyes- 2 30 lbs 5x5

C1: Hammer Strength Seated Rows- 200 lbs 1x5, 180 lbs 4x5
C2: One-Armed Lat Pulldown- 50 lbs 2x5, 40 lbs 3x5

D1: T-Bar Rows- 95 lbs 1x5, 80 lbs 1x5, 75 lbs 3x5
D2: Seated Cable Rows- 120 lbs 5x5

I threw in two sets of cable crossovers as I’ve always wanted to try them. I did a set of 20 with 40 pounds on each stack, and then a set of 15 with 50 on each stack. Felt like a decent finisher to throw on the end of the chest portion.

20 minutes incline treadmill work

Tried to do my tricep/bicep day with this workout too, but I didn’t feel like I had any energy to put forth a real effort toward it. Workout felt good, the dumbbell work really fried the back of my delts, and my chest is feeling it today. Tonight I’ll do my legs…as far as the triceps/biceps and shoulder workouts go…I’m going to try to throw atleast one of those workouts on the end of today. I might have to try to sneak into the gym early morning tomorrow before I start my trip to Indiana.


1 can of tuna, one protein bar
1 pork chop, mixed vegetable(potatoes, green beans, carrots)
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine
5 Eggs, second portion of mixed veggies

About a month and half to go and I’ll post some pictures to show what progress I’ve made. Thanks for reading, hope to keep getting stronger, bigger, and eventually leaner.

Happy Lifting,


Day 1, Week 5 Part 2:Lazy Boogaloo(Done on Tuesday 28th)

Didn’t end up finishing week five this past week. Went to do my leg day combined with a modified arm and shoulder day the night before the trip, and I was dogging it so I left the gym. Wasn’t getting very much sleep that week, but those are just excuses. My trip was fun, I searched for a local gym, but couldn’t find anything in that area.

I restarted week five last night with another chest/back workout. This was a good workout, and my strength went up in almost all my lifts. Hoping for a good leg day tonight.

A1: Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 52.5 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 55 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 60 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 65 lbs dbs 2x5
A2: Dumbbell Flyes- 2 35 lbs dbs 5x5

B1: Incline Dumbbell BP- 2 45 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 47.5 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 50 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 52.5 lbs dbs 2x5
B2: Incline Fyles- 2 30 lbs dbs 5x5

C1:Hammer Strength Seated Row- 190 lbs 2x5, 200 lbs 3x5
C2:One-Armed Lat Pulldown- 40 lbs 1x5, 50 lbs 3x5, 1x6

D1:T-Bar Rows- 70 lbs 5x5
D2:Cable Rows- 130 lbs 5x5

(60-120 seconds rest between each superset)

I threw on ten minutes of cardio on the treadmill at the end of the workout.

Diet for yesterday is as follows…

Can of Tuna, Cup of oatmeal
5 Eggs, Can of Vegetable Soup
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
2 Chicken Breasts, salad
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAS, Glutamine

Vitamin, digestive enzyme, omega 3,6,9 as usual. I used miracle whip with the tuna, ketchup with the chicken, and ranch on the salad. I’m going light on the sauces, I’ve been slowly switching to seasonings on my meat, and trying to limit the amount of sauce I use. Grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow so I can get some blueberries and a few other healthy fruits. Get a fresh supply of meats, seasonings, etc.

Had a job interview recently with Subway to get my own store. I’m currently laid off from concrete work and I’m trying to get back into restaurant management. Seemed to go well, and was told I’d have the mandatory second interview. So right now I’m just playing the waiting game. Been working on a graphic novel, that we(my friend John and I) are going to make into a submission to Image Comics later this year. I’m also still writing my novel.

On the wrestling front, I’m just trucking along with the workouts for the most part. I’ve watched a series of instructional videos from Raven a few times, and basically I just need to get my funds together once I get work again, and finish my current body goals. This is the closest I’ve been on all my goals, and I’m not planning on giving up any time soon.

Feedback, advice, brow-beating for fucking up this past week, etc. are all welcome.

Happy lifting,

Day Two, Week Five OVT Leg Day(Wednesday 29th)

This was one of those feel like you are going to throw-up the entire workout days. I got through it and feel like I may have redeemed myself today and yesterday for fucking up last week.

A1: Front Squat- 155 lbs 3x5, 135 lbs 2x5
A2: Hammer Strength Leg Ext.- 130 lbs 3x5, 120 lbs 1x5, 110 lbs 1x5

B1:Glute Machine-90 lbs 5x5
B2:Leg Curls- 70 lbs 4x5, 80 lbs 1x5

C1: Seated Calf Raises- 200 lbs 1x20, 220 lbs 1x20, 240 1x20

Then on wobbly legs I limped to my car and drove home.


Tuna Fish, Cup of Vanilla yogurt
Bowl of Chilli(hamburger, diced tomatos, kidney beans, water, and ketchup)
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine
Bowl Of Chilli

Tomorrow is arm day, will do some cardio tomorrow. Abs on Sunday as mine are pretty sore from my front squats. Feedback is welcome as always.

Happy lifting,

Haven’t been online in a few days, just wanted to check in for those that keep up with my stuff. Had a good arm day on Friday, and a decent shoulder day yesterday(sunday).

I’ll type up my stuff tomorrow, thanks for following.

Once I’m done with ovt in a few weeks I’m thinking of either trying Thib’s Get Jacked Fast, or just going with style of training I mentioned in a previous post. Be back tomorrow…


Day 3, Week 5-Off(4/30)

Day 4, Week 5-Triceps,Biceps(4/31)

Ez Bar Curl- 55 lbs 2x5, 60 lbs 3x5
Zottman Curl-2 22.5 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 25 lbs dbs 2x5, 2 27.5 lbs dbs 2x5

Preacher Curl- 50 lbs 2x5, 55 lbs 3x5
1-Arm Cable Curl-30 lbs 1x5, 35 lbs 1x5, 40 lbs 3x5

Dumbbell French Press- 65 lbs 2x5, 60 lbs 2x5, 55 lbs 1x5
One-Arm Triceps Pressdown- 60 lbs 1x5, 50 lbs 3x5, 40 lbs 1x5

Lying Triceps Ext.- 55 lbs 2x5, 45 lbs 3x5
Cable Triceps Pulldown- 100 lbs 3x5, 120 lbs 2x5


Tuna, Oatmeal
Filet Mignon, red beans and rice
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine
Eggs, Handful of Blueberries

Usual multi-vitamin, omega 3,6,9, and digestive enzyme. The new triceps exercise kicked my ass.

Day 5, Week 5-Off(5/2)

Day 6, Week 5- Shoulders

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press- 100 lbs 3x5, 110 lbs 2x5
One-Armed Lateral Raises- 20 lbs 3x5, 15 2x5

Cable Front Raises 35 lbs 1x5, 40 lbs 4x5
Incline Rear Delt Raises- 5 lbs 4x5, 10 lbs 1x5

Barbell Shrugs- 185- 3x5, 205 2x5
Dumbbell Shrugs- 2 60 lbs 1x5, 2 65 lbs 1x5, 2 70 lbs 3x5


Tuna, Oatmeal
2 Hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shakes, BCAAs, Glutamine
12 oz Round Steak, red beans and rice

Day 7, Week 5(5/4)

Day 1, Week 6(5/5)

Pushed myself hard as always, went up in weight on a few exercises, increased endurance on a few, and some stayed the same. Can’t have gains every single week I suppose. I really enjoy this program to the point where I think I’ll do it once a year or so.

Dumbbell Bench Press-55 lbs 1x5, 60 lbs 1x5, 65 lbs 3x5
Db Flyes- 37.5 lbs 5x5

Incline DB BP- 47.5 lbs 1x5, 50 lbs 1x5, 52.5 3x5
Incline Flyes- 32.5 lbs 5x5

HS Rows- 200 lbs 3x5, 190 lbs 2x5
One-Armed Lat Pulldown- 60 lbs 2x5, 50 lbs 2x5, 40 lbs 1x5

Dumbbell Rows- 37.5 lbs 1x5, 40 lbs 1x5, 42.5 lbs 1x5, 45 lbs 2x5
Seated Cable Rows- 130 lbs 5x5


2 McChicken Sandwiches, Side Salad
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine
Chicken Breast, Banana
Tuna, Handful of Blueberries

Day Two, Week 6 OVT

Tough Workout again, those front squats whoop my ass everytime.

A1: Front Squats- 155 lbs 4x5, 135 1x5
A2: Hammer Strength Leg Ext- 130 3x5, 110 2x5

B1: Glute Machine- 100 lbs 5x5
B2: Leg Curls-80 lbs 5x5

C1:Seated Calf Raises- 220 1x20, 240 1x20, 260 1x12
C2:Standing Calf Raises- 205 2x12


Bout 12 oz of Steak, Green Beans
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine
2 Cans of Tuna, Remainder of Green Beans
Glass of Chocolate Milk between Protein Shakes after my workout.

That’s about all she wrote for today. Might try to get a little more protein in. To keep you updated on my goals, I know I posted my goal was to get lean and that I was going to focus on it, but I’ve ended up focusing more on building more muscle. So perhaps I’ll shit my focus soon to burning fat. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal of adding some muscle since I’ve been exercising again. So while it’ll be tough I’m just about ready to try and lean down. I’ll hope I can stay focused when I finally zero in on this particular target. Time will tell.

Happy Lifting,

I’m back after a few days away from the net. I finished week six of my run on Thib’s OVT. I’m not going to bother posting results for my Arm and Shoulder days. I stopped doing the routine in favor of something more custom made as far as recovery and exercise choices/reps/sets, ramping the weight on each set.


Bench Press- 135 lbs 1x12, 155 lbs 1x8, 165 lbs 1x5, 185 lbs 1x2

Hammer Strength Wide Chest Press- 160 lbs 1x10, 180 lbs 1x8, 200 lbs 1x4, 210 lbs 1x4, 220 lbs 1x3

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press- 2 37.5 lbs dbs 1x10, 2 40 lbs dbs 1x8, 2 45 lbs dbs 1x6, 2 47.5 lbs dbs 1x7, 2 50 lbs dbs 1x4

Flat Dumbbell Flyes- 2 20 lbs dbs 1x12, 2 25 lbs dbs 1x10, 2 30 lbs dbs 1x8, 2 35 lbs dbs 1x5

A few sets on the machine flyes and a set of cable crossovers, all three sets were high reps and light weight baby.


EZ Bar Curls- 25 lbs 1x25, 35 lbs 1x15, 45 lbs 1x12, 55 lbs 1x7, 65 lbs 1x7

Zottman Curls- 2 17.5 lbs dbs 1x10, 2 20 lbs dbs 1x7, 2 22 lbs dbs 1x6, 2 25 lbs dbs 1x4

One-Armed Cable Curls- 25 lbs 1x15, 35 lbs 1x12, 45 lbs 1x9, 55 lbs 1x7

Then I threw in an extra set of cable curls with 20 lbs for 20 reps each arm.


Egg and Milk Protein Shake, handful of blueberries, 8 oz orange juice, and three baby carrots
12 oz Top Round Steak, Apple
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs, Glutamine
Tuna, Handful of Mixed Nuts

I’ve added in Vitamin E along with my fish oils, vitamin, digestive enzyme. I’ve also added in a CLA Thermogenic that I take three times a day.

Happy lifting to all,

Results from from leg day on Thursday, tried posting last night after my first day at my new job, however, I fell asleep on the couch. Leg workouts have been kicking my ass big time the last few weeks. I always push myself to the edge, but the dreaded leg day has become my rival even if he may not be as large in volume as other lifter’s leg days. Gym was closing soon so I didn’t get in a few exercises, blah blah blah. I’ll get them in next time.

Squats- 135 lbs 1x5, 1x11(First set wasn’t working, so I walked away for a minute and tried again.), 155 lbs 1x8, 175 1x4

Hammer Strength Leg Extension- 90 lbs 1x12, 100 lbs 1x9, 110 lbs 1x7, 120 lbs 1x5 and 1x4

Leg Curls- 45 lbs 1x12, 55 lbs 1x11, 65 lbs 1x8, 75 lbs 1x6

Seated Calf Raises- 220 lbs 1x20, 240 lbs 1x15, 260 1x12

Honestly can’t remember what I ate on Thursday, but my diet is pretty much the same every day. 2-3 protein shakes, steak, chicken, green beans or peas, blueberries, etc. I’ll make the next post a little more entertaining.

Happy lifting,

Still been training, was going to just stop this journal however. I decided to keep it going today, I won’t post my workouts from the week and half because I go by memory when I post them here, and if I could remember that many workouts worth of reps, sets, and lbs I’d be working with numbers for a living.

Thought I had a job but the pay cut was a little to steep for me to accept the job and drive an hour to work everyday. Still chugging away at my comic and novel. Thinking about taking the plunge before I reach my physique goals and starting wrestling school soon. Anyway this is a training log, and I am headed to the gym now.

Will be posting up a workout in just an hour or two. Thanks for keeping up with my log and happy lifting.


Posting this a little bit later then I wanted to, did the workout in my personal gym so the exercise choices and weights are somewhat limited. However, where there is a will there is a way, and I cranked out a fairly good chest and tricep workout.

Bench Press- 135 lbs 1x12, 155 lbs 1x9, 165 lbs 1x4(Endurance dipped on me), 185 lbs 1x5

Dumbbell Chest Fly- 2 20 lbs(dbs) 1x12, 2 25 lbs(dbs) 1x12, 2 35 lbs(dbs) 1x10, 2 40 lbs(dbs) 1x10

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 35 lbs(dbs) 1x12, 2 40 lbs(dbs) 1x10, 2 50 lbs(dbs) 1x8 and 1x6

Dumbbell French Press- 35 lbs 1x20, 40 lbs 1x20, 50 lbs 1x20, 50 lbs(super slow) 1x12

Lying Triceps Extension- 50 lbs 1x10, 60 lbs 1x8, 70 lbs 1x4

Seated One-Handed Overhead Extension- 10 lbs 1x15, 15 lbs 1x10, 20 lbs 1x5

Hitting powerhouse tomorrow for leg day. Diet was an egg and milk protein shake, two whey protein shakes, bcaas with each, glutamine with post-workout. My usual supplements I’ve posted before are also in there. Filet Mignon and sweet peas, and tuna/apple. Been watching a lot of wrestling the last few days, a lot of which involving my all-time favorite Sting. Going to TNA Slammiversary in June even though the card doesn’t look the best, it’ll be nice to see Sting one more time live before he calls it a career.

Happy lifting,

I know I’m not keeping this updated like I was in the beginning, but I’m posting my workout from yesterday and today. I’ll try to get all my workouts posted from here on out…

Bench Press- 125 lbs 1x12, 155 lbs 1x10, 195 lbs 1x2, 185 lbs 1x3
Flat DB Flyes 2x- 35 lbs 1x12, 40 lbs 1x10, 42.5 lbs 1x6, 45 lbs 1x5
Incline Bench Press- 115 lbs 1x10, 135 lbs 1x6, 155 lbs 1x2

DB French Press- 45 lbs 1x15, 52.5 1x12, 55 lbs 1x10, 60 lbs 1x5
Lying Triceps Extension- 1x15, 45 1x9, 55 1x6
Triceps Pulldown- 80 lbs 1x15, 90 lbs 1x12, 100 lbs 1x10, 110 lbs 1x8

Then did 10 minutes of the treadmill on the 15 incline at speed 3 to finish off my workout. I’m focusing in on leaning down full blast right now. So I’m still planning on getting up some progress pictures soon…maybe july? I’ll post up my back and bicep workout from today in just a minute.

Happy Lifting,