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The Road To The Wrestling Ring

Hi, My name is Cal Heikkila or Buzz. I’m going to use the first post in this journal to basically give you a biography of my training life, and some information on me as a person too. It is my dream to become a successful professional wrestler along with my other personal goals such as novel writing and graphic novel art and writing.

I’ve wasted the last 4 1/2 years since High School working my way up to running my own fast food restaurant, and then I tried my hand in construction last summer. Currently I’m laid off for the season, and have begun to work toward improving my standing in life by working toward my goals both in lifting, jobs, education, and otherwise. I’ve been working out off and on since I was 12(1999 or so). I went from being the super skinny sickly little kid who could barely do physical activities to the fat kid.

I started with the basics pushups, crunches, sit-ups, bodyweight squats, and used the few lightweight rubber dumbbells my parents had. I bought into gimmicks like torso track, and got a standard Weider weight set and bench. To put it bluntly I didn’t know what I was doing. I started buying muscle mags and reading the forum on Dr. Squat Fred Hatfield’s website. It didn’t take long for me to figure out the muscle mags were little more than advertisement heaven with some decent advice sprinkled in here and there.

As a teen I tried reading a lot of Dr. Squats articles, but the language in them baffled me and left me with more questions then answers most of the time. So I posted on the board asking for a good beginners program and got a 5x5 program by a pretty good powerlifter by the name of Roger Hendrix.

The program was pretty good and helped me gain some strength, but my own laziness prevented me from making the types of gains I should have. I would skip days, or cut out sets quite frequently and eventually quit for a good six months. Sometime along the way of my on again off again relationship with working out I decided to switch from trying to be a powerlifter to a bodybuilder. Which was probably good considering that I was having better luck putting on muscle mass then plates on the bar.

Around 2004-2005 after seeing several posters over the years on the Dr.Squat boards ridiculing the T-Nation website over repeating information that the Doc himself had said 20-30 years earlier. I decided to check T-Nation out. To my surprise the articles were broken down for the most part so that a guy like me could learn valuable information, and even learn some of the more complex language as I went along. Now from 2005-2007 I probably had my most consistent stretch of training. I used the ABC Principles for Bodybulding(the made simple 28 days version) by Fred Hatfield and Fred Hatfield II several times. I also completed a round of German Volume Training.

I still wasn’t perfect, I was still taking a month off every few months. I packed on quite a bit of muscle mass during this period, but all good things come to an end when you make excuses. I quit working out again due to my hours at work 50 plus and an hour drive each way. Since then other than a few weeks here and there of training, the most physical thing I did was my concrete job which actually helped me down from 260 to 230 lbs.

Fast forward about six months and some sporadic workouts later and I’m back up to 260 lbs. I’ve got some visible muscle mass that gets comments on occasion, but I’m also fat enough to get comments on that as well. I’m done making excuses, I’ve read enough and even have enough experience to know what I need to do. Now I’m going to do it. I’ve been easing into working out again since January, and today I began training toward my goals.

I stopped letting the excuse that my home gym wasn’t complete enough to do what I needed get in my way, and got a gym membership to Powerhouse. I’ve decided to do Thib’s OVT and today I went into the gym and kicked the shit out of myself. I may not have been putting up some impressive weight, but I made sure that I walked out of the gym with my money’s worth. I’m trying to focus in on my diet as well. Keeping carbs simple with green veggies, sweet potatoes, rice, and some fruits in the morning and after workouts. Keeping the protein intake high and of course using my omega 3,6,9 geltabs for some healthy fats.

Not that it matters since they were never impressive to begin with. I’ll post what my highest lifts were/ I’ve never truly gone for a one rep max on the squat or deadlift, only the bench.

Bench- 205 lbs 2 reps
Squat- I’ve done sets of 5 in the mid 200’s, but I want to keep it honest and won’t post an exact number seeing as how I can’t remember.
Deadlift- 300 lbs 3 reps.

March 14th 2009, Optimized Volume Training Week 1, Day 1

Well if you made it through my quickly written, unorganized intro above you know that I’m training to get in shape to be a pro-wrestler. Once I feel like I’ve reached that goal I will join the wrestling school, and start working on moving up the ranks. I’d also like to keep my eye on my physique over the next year, and possibly attempt a bodybuilding contest, all depending on what kind of gains I make. Here is my first day below. I am attempting a slightly altered version of Thib’s OVT.

A1: Flat Bench Press 145 lbs 1x5, 140lbs 1x5, 135lbs 2x 5
A2: Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes 2 30lbs dbs 1x5, 2 35lbs dbs 1x5, 2 40 lbs dbs 2x5 (120 seconds rest between each superset)

B1: Incline Bench Press 115 lbs 1x5 and 1x3, 95 lbs 3x4
B2: Incline Dumbbell Flyes 2 30 lbs dbs 2x5, and 2 25lbs dbs 3x5
(120 seconds rest between each superset)

C1: Hammer Strength Rows 140lbs 2x8 and 3x5
C2: Dumbbell One-Armed Rows 37.5 lbs 1x5, 40 lbs 4x5
(120 seconds rest between each superset)

D1: Lat Pulldowns 90 lbs 5x5
D2: Cable Low Rows 90 lbs 3x5, 100 lbs 2x5

The flat bench superset got cut short by a set by mistake, I finished up so a group of powerlifters could use the flat bench. I also was only taking 30 seconds of rest between each superset through those first five supersets. I wore myself down pretty quickly doing that. With the inclines, I started trying to take the full 120 seconds, but was still cutting it short. By the time I reached the Hammer Strength Rows and DB Rolls, I learned that I better take the proper rest or else. I became slightly nauseous and had to take about 5 minutes to get my head back on straight before finishing up with the lat pulldowns and cable rows. I tried to get water ever so often during the workout as well. I think I went too light on a few of the back exercises, but still feel like I got a good workout from it. With the chest section of the work out, I feel like I hit the areas well. However, my right shoulder area was experiencing extreme fatigue on the last few sets of the flat super sets and the last few sets of the incline supersets. I tried to monitor my form, but I do believe my right shoulder is a definite weak point that I’ll need to address over time.

Got a protein shake(before and after), L-Glutamine(before and after), Creatine(before workout), and BCAAs(before and after). I’m set to eat a salad and two chicken breast in the next hour or so. I’ll edit the post later to finish off my diet for the day.

Update: Eating some steak and peas now, will finish the night off with an egg and milk protein shake.

I’ll post some before and afters in about three months after I make some progress.

Before I go any further I forgot to post some of my stats in my previous entries.

Age: 22
Height: 5’10 1/2
Weight: 255-260 lbs

March 15th, Week 1 Day 2 OVT

Today was leg day for day two of my attempt at Thib’s OVT. I’ve decided rather than doing abs with my leg workout, I’ll add them in on the end of the arm workout and shoulder workout.

A1: Squat- 155 lbs 3x5, 135 2x5
A2: Hammer Strength Leg Curl- 70 lbs 1x5, 120 lbs 4x5

B1: Glute isolator machine- 60 lbs 1x5, 80 lbs 3x5, 90 lbs 1x5
B2: Leg Sled Machine- 120 1x5, 160 3x5, 180 1x5

Calf Raises 120 lbs 3x10

Leg workout was pretty taxing as always, could have went a little bit heavier on the squat, but this is my first week back and I’m trying to regain some strength that I’ve lost over my lay off. I cut out the third block of leg exercises due to getting to the gym late this week. Next week I’ll be adding in leg curls and lunges as well.

Or I may just attempt the exact workout from the article. I’ve never done Romanian Deadlifts or Sumo Deadlifts, so I’ll look into proper form over the next week and probably give them a try. Overall, I feel accomplished with the first two workouts so far.

I’ve pushed myself hard, and stuck to the idea behind the program hitting the body parts I’m supposed to even when I’m unsure of certain exercises.

If anything I need to get the protein shake in earlier before I go to the gym.

As with yesterday I started the day with a Whey Protein shake 30 grams of protein, bcaas, l-glutamine, creatine, some fish oil, and my multi-vitamin.

My post-workout shake of whey protein, l-glutamine, and some more bcaas. I plan to eat a can of tuna with some spinach in a few hours, steak and green beans for dinner, and an egg and milk protein shake to finish it off.

Any feedback is welcome.

March 16th Rest Day

Just resting up from my first two days back to training. Feeling the workouts for sure, but I’m feeling good as well. Nothing relieves stress like some good workouts. Well, there are a few things, but I’ll keep it clean. I’ve decided that after I finish the OVT, I’m going to just do my own stuff based on traditional bodybuilding information. Pyramiding with weight, 4-5 day splits, 3-5 exercises per body part, lots of assistance work along with the compound movements, etc. I may apply Dr. Squat’s ABC Principles for a few months on occasion, and I’ll probably try GVT ever so often since it worked well for me before.

Biceps, Triceps, and Abs are tomorrow. I may introduce some cardio as well tomorrow and on shoulder day. Have to improve cardio for pro-wrestling, so I’ll start out two days a week and go from there. Happy lifting everyone.


March 17th, Day Four Week 1 OVT

A1: EZ Bar Curls- 35lbs 1x5, 45lbs 1x5, 55lbs 3x5
A2: Dumbbell Curls- 30lbs 5x5

B1: Preacher Curl- 55 lbs 1x5, 45 lbs 4x5
B2: Hammer Curls- 20lbs 5x5

C1: French Press- 40lbs 1x5, 47.5lbs 1x8, 50lbs 2x5, 1x6
C2: Lying Tricep Extensions- 45lbs 1x5, 55lbs 2x5, 65lbs 1x5 and 1x3

C4: Tricep Pulldowns- 80lbs 1x5, 100lbs 1x5, 110lbs 1x5, 1x10, 1x12, 120lbs 1x5
C5: One Arm Standing Dumbbell Extension: 20lbs 1x4, 15lbs 5x5

D1: Seated Machine Preacher Curl- 40lbs 1x5 and 1x3

Today’s workout wasn’t as taxing as doing a leg or chest and back workout, but I still pushed the arms until they could barely crank out any more. Biceps have always been a weakpoint for me just because I never trained them much. I was always more focuses on my triceps.

People always comment on my big arms, but I’d like to really work on the biceps while of course improving my triceps. I have a feeling that my biceps will grow in strength and size quickly now that I’m training them hard. Triceps will definitely respond after the long layoff and the new variety of exercises I can do since I got the gym membership.

Still waiting on a response from the pro-wrestling school I’m interested in going to in a few months. They also run shows and help book talent, so I know I could be waiting a few weeks before I can schedule an appointment to come see how they train and ask some more questions in person.

I’m going to set the date at June 15th to post my first set of before and afters. I don’t expect to have achieved the exact look I want in a year, yet alone 3 months, but it’ll be good to refer back to. Plus for anyone following my journal, you’ll hopefully be able to leave me feedback on what I need to improve more.

Maybe I’ll post a link to some of my graphic novel and novel stuff on this journal once I get enough done worth of showing.

Happy lifting to all!


Meals for today started with a Whey Protein shake, L-Glutamine, Creatine, Multi-Vitamin, Omega 3,6,9 Pill and some BCAAS. Post-Workout shake of Whey Protein, Glutamine, and some BCAAS.

I plan on some Tuna and a salad in a bit, Lean Turkey Breast and green beans for dinner, and an egg and milk protein shake to finish the night off. I may throw in another meat and veggies meal or snack on some mixed nuts as well.

I take the Omega 3,6,9 pill 3 times a day as well for healthy fats. Protein shakes are about 30 grams of protein each shake. After reviewing my meals for the day, I realized I’m running low on protein intake every day, so I will work to increase that as of today. I’ll start adding an extra scoop to my pre and post workout shakes, and getting up a bit earlier to eat a breakfast.

March 19th 2009, Day 6, Week 1 OVT

Updated my profile today. I had posted inaccurate info on how long I’d been working out on and off for. Doesn’t really matter, but thought it’d be nice to be as accurate as possible. Biceps and Triceps are still pretty sore from working them on Tuesday. Heading out to the gym shortly to complete my shoulder day.

Will edit this post with the information once I return. I’m feeling good now that I’m training hard, I’m going to keep trying to up the weight and put out the same intensity in the gym that I’ve done so far this week. I have a feeling next week will be a good one as far as training goes.

Yesterdays diet was two and half turkey breast cutlets and some green beans.

Egg and Milk Protein shake with creatine and glutamine.

Baked Ziti with Marinara sauce and a breakstick from Sbarros.(Not the best choice of food)

8 Omega 3 Enriched Eggs with Fat Free Mrs. Butter Cheese Seasoning and half a banana.

If my math is correct I had anywhere from 210-240 grams of protein yesterday. I also used my omega 3,6,9 as described in previous posts.

Today’s diet and training up later tonight. Thanks for those that follow this, and anytime you have questions or feedback feel free to post.

As an update to the previous post here is my workout for today(19th).

A1:Machine(Similar to the Hammer Strength line) Shoulder Press- 100lbs 1x5, 80lbs 2x5, 70lbs 1x5, 60 lbs 2x5
A2:Lateral Dumbbell Raises- 2 20lbs Dbs 1x5, 2 15lbs DBs 2x5, 2 10lbs Dbs 2x5

B1: Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 2 22.5lbs Dbs 1x8, 2 25lbs Dbs 1x7, 2 27.5lbs Dbs 1x7, 2 30lbs Dbs, 1x7, 2 35lbs Dbs 1x5
B2: Seated Cable Rows To The Neck- 50lbs 1x5, 70 lbs 1x7, 85lbs 3x7

C1: Cable Front Raises 25lbs 3x5, 35lbs 2x5
C2: Incline Rear Delt Raises- 2 10lbs Dbs 3x5, 2 5lbs Dbs 2x5

D1: Barbell Shrugs- 185 lbs 5x6
D2: Dumbbell Shrugs- 2 60lbs Dumbbells(120lbs) 5x6

E1: Decline Russian Twists w/Broom Handle- 1x40, 1x30
E2: Ab Machine- 130lbs 1x50, 1x30

Diet today consisted of the following:

-Ham Sandwich and Banana
-Egg and Milk Protein Shake 3 Scoops
-Whey Protein Shake with BCAAs
-Whey Protein Shake with Creatine, BCAAs, L-Glutamine
-2 Bean Burritos and Chicken Gordita Crunch
-1 and 1/2 Turkey Breast and Green Beans
-3 omega 3,6,9 geltabs spread across the day, multi-vitamin

Diet for 3/20/09

Egg and Milk Protein Smoothie(See Recipe below)

Chicken Breast(skinless) w/ side salad

two soft tacos with beans, cheese, and sour cream

bowl of whole wheat spaghetti with ground turkey

whey protein shake to end the night

Diet for 3/21/09

Protein Shake Smoothie
-Non-Fat Plain Yogurt
-8 oz Orange Juice
-Half Banana
-Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries,
-crushed ice
-scoop of egg and milk and scoop of whey protein(ran out of egg and milk)

-Filet Mignon Steak and Green Beans

-Two Lunchables Pizzas, Turkey Breast

  • One Turkey Breast Cutlet, green beans

-Protein Shake To End The Night

Diet will be cleaned up a bit over the rest next few weeks, more protein, more meals, etc. Usually don’t eat fast food as I did the other day, but you won’t see that much either. If I have a cheat meal once a week it’ll be some form of pasta as that’s my achilles heel in terms of food. My goal is to have obviously a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, spread my meals between 5-6 per day, and have healthy carbs and fats with each meal. Chicken breast, steak, tuna, buffalo, etc. Green veggies, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. Supplementation with Whey, Egg & Milk Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, BCAAS, Omega 3,6,9, and a Multi-Vitamin.

I’m not sure if I posted a clear physique goal in my previous posts other than wanting to be a pro-wrestler. I have a decent foundation of muscle, weak in some areas strong in others. I’d like to add on another 15-20 lbs muscle mass, and then lean down before I begin training to wrestle.

Tomorrow will be my first cardio day, Monday I resume weight training.

Thanks for following the log, and as usual any feedback is welcome.


March 25th, 2009 Day 1 Week 2

A1:Bench Press- 145 lbs 2x5, 1x4, 1x3 and 135 lbs 1x3
A2:Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 40 lbs dbs 2x5, 2 37.5 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 35 lbs dbs 2x5
(60-120 secs rest between each superset of the workout)

B1: Incline Bench Press- 135 lbs 4x5, 115 lbs 1x8
B2: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 30 lbs dbs 2x5, 2 25lbs dbs 2x5, 2 22.5 lbs dbs 1x5

C1: Hammer Strength Seated Rows- 160 lbs 1x8 and 1x5, 180 lbs 3x5
C2: Dumbbell Rows- 40 lbs 5x5

D1: Seated Low Cable Row- 110 lbs 1x5, 100 lbs 4x5, 1x7
D2: Lat Pulldowns- 100 lbs 1x5, 90 lbs 1x5, 80 lbs 3x5

At the end of my chest workout I did a set of 10 dumbbell flyes with 15 lbs just to exhaust the muscle a little more. At the end of the back workout I did two sets of 8 machine rows with about 90 lbs to do the same. Intense workout like last week, but I felt a little bit stronger on all my lifts except lat pulldowns, which I had trouble with this week. I added weight on a few lifts, or got a few more sets with weights that maybe I only got a set or two with the previous week. Hoping to do the same next week. Tomorrow is leg day, I’m going to try to go a little harder on legs this week than last week. Diet for today will be posted below.

Whey Protein Smoothie(See Recipe Above)
Steak, Banana, and a handful of mixed nuts
Whey Protein Shake and Bcaas(pre-workout)
Whey Protein Shake, Creatine, Bcaas, and L-Glutamine(Post-workout)
6 eggs and some sweet peas.
8 oz ground turkey to finish it off.

March 26th 2009, Day 2 Week 2 OVT

A1: Squats- 165 lbs 3x5, 155 2x5
A2: Hammer Strength Leg Ext.- 120 lbs 3x5, 110 2x5

B1: Glute Machine- 70 lbs 1x5, 80 lbs 3x5, 90 lbs 1x5
B2: Leg Curls- 45 lbs 1x5, 55 lbs 1x5, 65 lbs 2x5, 70 lbs 1x6

C1: Seated Calf Raises- 200 lbs 3x15

Taxing workout like last week. I found a leg curl machine that you can add free weights to, and added that into my workout rather than the more quad dominant leg sled I did last week. I’ pleased with the workout as I added weight to my squat, calf raises, and worked with heavier weight overall on the rest of the exercises. I hope to continue my progress next week. I know it might be a stretch, but I’d like to be squatting back in the 200 range. I’d also like to get my bench back up there as well, but we’ll see.

Diet for today…
(Multi-Vitamin, 3 omega 3,6,9 geltabs, and digestive enzyme as usual throughout the day.)

Whey Protein Shake Smoothie(See Recipe In Previous Posts)
2 1/2 Pork Chops and Green Beans
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs
6 Eggs, Green Beans, 2 Slices White Bread
8 oz turkey burger, banana

Any wrestling fans out there that are also gamers, check out the new WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. Pretty good game. As usual any feedback, advice, questions, etc. are welcome.

March 29th, Day 3 and 4 Week 2, OVT

Girlfriend asked me at the last minute to go to her moms for the weekend, no Powerhouse Gym within driving distance, but I made sure to stay active on the 27th and 28th by taking walks and just doing some bodyweight exercises in my spare time. So tonight I’m going to combine the tricep/bicep and shoulder/ab workout into one day.

Didn’t get back till after Powerhouse closed today so I’ll have to complete this workout in my home gym so I will have to change a few exercises to free weight variations this week.

I kept the diet decent while over at her moms, started and ended my day with protein shakes each day, had lamb chops, and some eggs both days. I also had part of a pizza on Friday which will count as my cheat meal for the week.

Sorry for the wall of text, I’ll update the log later today with my workout results and diet for the day.

Military Press- 100 lbs 1x5, 90 lbs 3x5, 1x3
Dumbbell Lateral Raises- 2 10 lbs dbs 5x5

Dumbbell Front Raises- 2 15 lbs dbs 5x5
Alternating Dbs Shoulder Presses- 2 50 lbs dbs 5x5

Ez bar curl- 55 lbs 3x5, 50 lbs 2x5
Alternating Dumbbell Curls- 25 lbs 5x5

Preacher Curl- 45 lbs 4x5, 1x4
Hammer Curls- 2 35 lbs dbs 5x5

French Press(db)- 50 lbs 5x6
Lying Tricep Extensions- 55 lbs 5x5

Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions- 15 lbs 5x5
Dumbbell Kickbacks- 20 lbs 5x5

Wasn’t happy with this workout after my previous 6 workouts. I suppose everyday can’t be perfect, but I really let myself get thrown off by the impromptu trip. I went light on several exercises since I was combining the two days.

I still feel like I got a decent workout in, but next week I’ll try to hit it with some more intensity. If I’m not too sore from this workout tomorrow, I’m going to try to get my chest and back day in tomorrow in the evening.

Diet for today is

Egg and Milk Protein Shake
5 Extra Large Eggs and banana
Chicken Breast and two handfuls of mixed nuts
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, Glutamine, BCAAS, Creatine
Steak and Green beans


Day 1, Week 3 OVT

A1: Bench Press- 155 lbs 1x5, 165 1x5, 175 1x5, 2x3
A2: Dumbbell Flyes- 2 40 lbs dbs 5x5
(60-120 sec rest between each sets)

B1: Incline Bench Press- 145 4x5, 155 1x5
B2: Incline Dumbbell Flyes- 2 35 lbs dbs 5x5

C1: Hammer Strength- 160 lbs 4x5, 170 1x5
C2: Dumbbell Rows- 40 lbs 5x5

D1: Seated Low Cable Rows- 110 lbs 4x5, 120 lbs 1x5
D2: Lat Pulldowns- 90 lbs 2x5, 80 lbs 1x7, 2x5

Fifteen minutes of cardio on the treadmill, alternating between brisk walking and jogging. I tried a sample of BSN’s Volumaise in the middle of my workout as prescribed, and it seemed to actually give me more energy for the workout. Not sure if I’m ready to shell out the 45-65(?) bucks they want for it a month, but it’s something to look into in the future once I get the rest of my debt paid off.

Once again I’m pleased that I was able to move up in weight on a few exercises. I think I’m going to stick with the weight I’m at next week on the bench press and incline and try to increase my endurance with the said weight meaning actually getting five reps on my last two sets. It’s looking like I may be able to achieve my goal of putting my bench back above the 200 mark when I left it last year by June if I keep working hard. Tomorrow is leg day, I hope to add some more weight and keep it intense. Won’t be doing any cardio tomorrow, but may throw some on my arm day and my shoulder day. Diet for yesterday and today is below.

3/30/09 Diet
Egg and Milk Protein Shake
5 Eggs and Handful of Nuts
Half of a chicken queso burrito from Qdobas
2 Beef Tenderloin Steaks with Yams
Whey Protein Shake(was thinking of working out yesterday)

3/31/09 Diet
Round Steak with Handful of Mixed Nuts
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAS
Whey Protein Shake, Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs
5 Eggs and 3 Slices of White Bread
Egg and Milk Protein Shake

Feedback is welcome. I know my diet still has some kinks to work out, but this is the cleanest I’ve eaten in my life, and I’m not ready to lean down yet so it’s not a huge concern of mine to be strict other than getting enough calories, protein, healthy fats and keeping the carbs somewhat low.

Day 2, Week 3 OVT (4/1/09)

Forgot to post this last night, was watching some dvds with my dad after I got back from the gym, and fell asleep before I got online.

A1: Squats- 165 lbs 3x5, 170 lbs 2x5
A2: Hammer Strength Leg Extensions- 120 lbs 4x5, 110 lbs 1x5

B1: Glute Isolator Machine- 90 lbs 5x5
B2: Leg Curls- 65 lbs 2x5, 75 lbs 3x5

C1: Seated Calf Raises- 200 lbs 1x20, 220 lbs 1x20, 240 lbs 1x20

Diet for the day was…

Egg and Milk Protein Smoothie(handful of blueberries, few strawberries, 8 oz of orange juice, crushed ice, and 2 scoops of egg and milk protein.

Chicken Breast and Corn

Round Steak and Green Beans

Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs

Whey Protein Shake, Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs

Today’s diet started with
5 Eggs and a pear
Egg and Milk Protein Shake

I’ll end up eating some beef tenderloin and green beans, can of tuna and remainder of the can of green beans, and probably another protein shake.

Day 3-Rest Day

Day 4, Week 3 OVT

Today was biceps, triceps day. Went to the gym about an hour before close, and was one of three there so I enjoyed pretty much having the place to myself. Feel like I hit my arms pretty good today.

A1: EZ Bar Curl- 55 lbs 5x5
A2: Alternating Dumbbell Curls- 2 30 lbs dbs 1x5, 2 25 lbs dbs 3x5, 2 20 lbs dbs 1x5

B1: Preacher Curl- 55 lbs 1x5, 45 lbs 4x5
B2: Hammer Curls- 30 lbs 2x5, 27.5 1x5, 25 2x5

C1: DB French Press- 60 lbs 5x5
C2: Laying Tricep Extension(EZ Bar)- 55 lbs 5x5

D1: Tricep Pulldowns- 90 lbs 1x5, 100 lbs 4x5
D2: Seated One-Armed Overhead Extensions- 15 lbs 5x5

As always I took between 60 seconds and 120 seconds between each set. I’m hoping to add a little bit of weight on my biceps exercises next week since I change exercises the following week. Last week wasn’t a very good week for triceps, biceps, or shoulders.

But so far this week has been pretty good. I continued to add weight to most of my lifts this week, or atleast got steadier with weight that might have only been good for a set or two the previous week. Diet is below.

5 Whole Eggs with White Bread
Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito and a bag of jerky
Round Steak with Green Beans
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs

Your workouts look great, as do the before and after workout nutrition. However, if your goal is to loose fat % you might want to have someone help you figure out the exact number of calories your body uses on a daily basis, subtract the amount of calories needed to loose weight at the rate you want (for example, 500 calories a day=1 lb per week). Then you will need to calorie count all of your meals.

I have a feeling, based on what I’m seeing in your food journal section compared to some other really solid food journals by other posters in your situation, that you’re both over eating for your goal, and undereating in terms of well-rounded nutrient intake. Also, the types, amount, and timing of carbs that you are currently using will inhibit your progress.

Look up “diet” in the article search feature of this site for more exact explanations, or PM me.

That being said, I’m happy to see that you’ve been sticking with your workouts and have some awesome plans for the future. Keep up the hard work!

Update: Will be out tonight watching Wrestlemania with some friends. Will do shoulder workout afterwards in my home gym since the Powerhouse I go to closes in about an hour. To make this part short and sweet, diet is decent, but I’d like to improve it. I plan on doing some reading tonight and tomorrow so that my next grocery trip can get me on track.


Not going to use this journal to whine about personal problems. I’ll post this as blunt, short, and sweet as possible. Got side tracked by an event at home that has fucked up my financial and living situation big time. Ended up skipping the shoulder day yesterday. Feel bad for doing it, but I had to make calls all day yesterday to try to fix my problem.

Good news is, I’ll be in the gym today for my chest/back day, plan is to keep progressing, although missing a shoulder workout is not the best way to do that.

Stick with me, I may get sidelined ever so often for a day, but I’m sticking with this for the long run. Will post diet info and workout sometime this evening.


Finally did a workout last night. Didn’t continue the OVT, I did chest, shoulders, and triceps. Tonight I will do legs, back, and biceps. It wasn’t something that was super intense. I just wanted to do some form of working out last night and tonight so that I can resume ovt on Monday.

Monday will begin week 4 of ovt, and the following week I’ll be changing up the exercises as suggested by the article. Diet earlier in the week wasn’t very good, let my stress get the best of me. However, a year ago I would have let something like what just happened to me keep me away from the gym for months on end.

Now, it can’t even keep me out for more than a few days lol. Enough with the talking I’ll post my little workout from last night and my diet.

A1: Dumbbell Bench Press- 2 50 lbs dbs 3x13
A2: Dumbbell Flyes- 2 40 lbs dbs 2x10, 1 x 6

B1: Front Raises- 10 lbs 2x13
B2: Lateral Raises- 10 lbs 2x13
B3: Reverse Flyes- 10 lbs 2x15

C1: Dumbbell French Press- 50 lbs db 3x13
C2: Overhead Dumbbell Ext.- 20 lbs 2x6

Everything was super setted, and like I said it wasn’t meant to be an intense workout, I just wanted to hit all my muscles between yesterday and today to keep from being completely dormant this week. Next week I’ll be hitting the gym hard again, everything is back on track personally.


Egg and Milk Protein Shake
Eggs and salad
Chicken Breast and salad
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAs
Whey Protein Shake, BCAAS, Glutamine, Creatine

As usual took three omega 3,6,9 geltabs throughout the day, multi-vitamin, and a digestive aid. My plan to read up on diet is in motion as of today, I’m reading through some right now, just took a break to post up my workout and diet. Plan on taking Oleena’s suggestion of cutting out pasta, bread, and bananas while I’m trying to get leaner.

I’ll be adding blueberries and a few other fruits. I’m sticking to green veggies for now until I can get out to the grocery store for the fruits. I won’t ask for feedback today, I know I need to work through stress better in the future already.

Happy lifting,



Update: Was testing whether my browser was broken. My last post took awhile to show up for me.

Day 1 Week 4, OVT

Felt good in the gym today. Feels nice to be back and working hard. Increased weight on almost all of my lifts today. Posting this a day late, worked out last night. Today is leg day, and I’ll try to get that posted tonight on time. If not it’ll be up tomorrow afternoon. Diet for yesterday will be posted below the work out.

A1: Bench Press- 175 lbs 1x5, 180 lbs 3x5, 195 lbs 1x5
A2: Dumbbell Flyes- 2 40 lbs dbs 5x5
(60-120 sec rest between each superset)

B1: Incline Bench Press- 155 lbs 5x5
B2: Incline DB Flyes- 2 35 lbs dbs 2x5, 2 32.5 lbs dbs 3x5
(60-120 sec rest between each superset)

C1: Hammerstrength Seated Row- 170 lbs 1x5, 200 lbs 4x5
C2: Dumbbell Rows- 42.5 5x5
(60-120 sec rest between each superset)

D1: Seated Low Cable Row- 120 lbs 4x5, 2x3, 130 lbs 1x5
D2: Lat Pulldowns- 90 lbs 2x5, 2x7, 100 lbs 1x5
(60-120 sec rest between each superset)

Diet 4/14/09

Whey Protein Shake
8 oz Beef Tenderloin and Peas
Whey Protein, BCAAs
Whey Protein, Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs
Tuna, Remainder of peas

Thanks for reading.