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The Road to Strength

Hi everybody.
I would like some quality advice on a good strenght program to do. I have been in the iron game for a good solid 2 years now training consistently. I have almost only done hypertrophy workouts and therefore i feel ready to try a strenght program.

I have looked at the totalt strength program by CW and it certanly looks interesting.
The problem is that i need something that trains the 3 basic lifts combined. I dont think that to much specialisation is neccesary for a guy at my size.
i have tried looking at Thibs “how to design a damn good program” but i find the exercise library to limited and want to try some new exercises.

Basicly i would like some insight on what is essential in a good strenght program and maybe some sugestions/links to canned workoutmaterial here on this site…