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The Road to Jack(ed)

I realize that the thread name is taken from Dave Tate and Elite FTS but it honestly puts my journey in 4 words so its pretty good although not very creative or original. I started training about 3 months ago and my goals as of now is to hit the 190lb mark fairly lean in the next 4 months and increase my numbers drastically in my exercises of choice. I am 18 yo currently between 170-175 5’ 8" fairly lean meaning I can see all of my abs (not that i care) but just threw it out there because I don’t know what my body fat is nor is it a big concern for me.

Trying to get jacked remember. (it fluctuates so I am looking at another 15 to 20 pounds to reach my goal for these next 4 months. and well see what happens from there will update my log with my back and bis session starting tomorrow. Really only keeping this so I have some numbers to beat but any tips, or criticism is much appreciated.

Back and Bis

I dont count sets and reps so i just use the term worked up to. usually i ramp up 4 or 5 sets before my max set then do a drop set with a lighter weight to get some blood flowin

DB Shrugs - 80 x 5 then 55 x 10
Lat Pulldowns - 140 x 5 then 100 x 10
DB Rows - 85 x 5 then 55 x 10
Reverse Curls - 70 x 5
Cable curls - 80 x 5 then 50 x 10

Really good session today the whole workout probably took me 35 min very intense but really trying to ditch the lat pulls for some fucking pullups but due to rapid weight gain i cant seem to pull my skinny ass up…working on it.