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The Road to Before

Day 6 - 09/01/2021

Rest day - Walk 10km

Lunch 12:00pm - Scrambled eggs (2 whole, 1 white), Chorizo, Spinach, Guacamole (avo, onion, lime juice). Coffee
3pm - Coffee
Dinner 6pm - Grill’d burger: Low carb bun, beef, avo, carrots, mustard, pickle, mayo. Pepsi Max

Went for a walk with the Mrs who wanted to grab something to eat. Went for the healthiest thing I could find in Grill’d. Calorie deficit but need to get in more protein.

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Day 7 10/01/2021

Rest day - Walk 7.4km

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and chives (3 eggs), Coffee
Lunch - Salmon, Tuna, Avo Sushi (Brown Rice)
Snack - Homemade Peanut Butter Protein Balls (Peanut Butter, Protein Powder, Honey, Vanilla Extract)
Dinner - Half Chicken, Salad (cabbage, carrot, celery, onion), Broccoli


Day 8 - 11/01/2021

One week completed.

Weight: 94.60kg (-0.95kg)
Waist (Love handle to love handle): 41 (-1 inch)

Although diet has changed drastically, only lifting weights 3 times a week and no cardio but to have lost nearly a kg is not too bad! Visually not much as changed, but losing an inch on the ol love handles is good motivation.

Walk 3.7km

Breakfast (7:30am): 2 Protein Balls, Coffee
Lunch (12:30pm): Half chicken, salad, banana, Pepsi max
Pre-work (6pm): Monster zero sugar energy drink
Dinner (9pm): Steak, scrambled eggs, spinach, guac.

DB Press - 4 x 10 - 24kg
Incline Flies - 4 x 10 - 14kg

Squats - 1 x 10 - 60kg
3 x 10 - 80kg
Leg curl 4 x 10 - 30kg

T Row - 4 x 10 - 50kg
Standing Lat pushdowns (cables) - 4 x 10 30kg

Seated OHP - 4 x 10 - 30kg
Lateral raises 4 x 10 - 10kg

Comments: Missed a fry up breakfast over the weekend! But had my fair share over the years so cannot complain. Feel good and the diet itself is not bad at all so cannot see any issues with sustainability. Will do similar work outs as last week, this week (today, Wednesday and Friday) and then assess next Monday. This journal has certainly helped so far!


Hell yea dude!

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Day 9 - 12/01/2021

Rest Day - Walk 7.4km

Breakfast (9:00am) - Coffee
Lunch (1:00pm) - Brown Rice, Chilli, Chicken, Green Beans, Broccoli
Drink (3:00pm) - Coffee
Dinner (8:00pm) - Omelette with ham, onion, pepper, chilli

Comments - Eating becoming a bit sporadic, need to start eating at consistent times again.


Day 10 - 13/01/2021

Walk - 3.8km

Breakfast (9:00am) - Egg, Spinach, Mushroom Wrap, Coffee
Lunch (12:30pm) - My Muscle Chef Smokey Brisket and Sweet Potatoe Mash
Snack (3:00pm) - Coffee
Pre-workout (6:00pm) - V zero sugar energy drink
Post-workout (7:30pm) - Protein Shake
Dinner (8:30pm) - Half chicken, cucumber, onion, avo, cabbage, tomato

Gym - Last set of most exercises were supersetted (SS) with one set of same exerice with lower weight.

Incline bench - 3 x 10 - 60kg
SS 1 x 10 - 40kg

DB flies (flat) - 3 x 10 - 16kg
SS 1 x 10 - 10kg

Leg press - 1 x 10 - 100kg
2 x 10 - 120kg
SS 1 x 10 - 80kg

Calf raise - 4 x 10 - 50kg

Cable Row - 3 x 10 - 40kg
SS 1 x 10 - 25kg

Pull Up (wide grip) - 2 x 10 - assist 28kg
1 x 10 - assist 35kg
SS 1 x 10 - assist 50kg

DB shoulder press (seated) - 3 x 10 - 16kg
SS 1 x 10 - 10kg

Shrugs - 3 x 10 - 28kg
SS 1 x 10 - 20kg

Side Bends - 1 x 10 - 20kg

Comments: bit of carby day so through a superset in. Energy drink after a coffee is not ideal though. Need to start bringing a preworkout snack in.

Day 11 - 14/01/2021

Rest day - WFH

Breakfast (9:00am) - Coffee
Lunch (12:00pm) - Scrambled Egg (2 full, 1 white) and Bacon (one slice)
Drink (3:00pm) - Coffee
Snack (5:00pm) - Quest Protein Bar
Dinner (7:30pm) - Salmon, Greek Yoghurt and Dill, Broccoli, mushrooms, spinach


Diet ones I presume? I feel you there, got addicted to Coke zero during my big leaning down. Maybe just lower it a bit at the evening…

I got to where I was pounding a couple C4’s or lit or other legit pre made pre workout drinks a day almost. I’ve since stopped all caffeine accept maybe a Coke Zero here and there and have switched to stimulant free pre workouts. I love them! I feel a lot better now that it’s been a little bit without high doses of caffeine and the stim free PWO still gets me all jacked up for the gym.