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The Road to 1396 Raw @ 181

Nutrition for today;
3370 Calories
102g Fat, 27.2%
338g Carbs, 40.1% (48.5g Fiber, 107g Sugars)
271g Protein, 32.2%

Calories were a little off again today, I worked from 10-5, so I can’t adjust my diet to what I feel I need during the day. I start Smolov tomorrow, and I’m pumped/scared. haha, any who have looked at it, or tried it, will know why. I also gave my legs a deep tissue massage today since they were feeling pretty stiff.

Smolov Base Squat Cycle Day 1;
4 sets of 9 reps @ 70%, I’m using 451 as my theoretical max, since it is my heaviest squat, which I squatted in competition 1 week ago.

4 sets of 9 with bar weight = 315.
Pretty “easy” nothing too strenuous. However, on my last set, fourth rep, my right knee buckle, I wasn’t repositioning at the top of the reps, trying to get the set done fast, causing my balance to get jacked up. I fell. We put the weight back on the j pegs, and I began the rest of my set ~15-20seconds after falling. I was proud of that, getting right back into the set, not letting anything bother me. I also am trying to minimize the distance that my knees travel over my ankles, so I’m widening my stance and pushing my knees outward more.

Then I did a small bench routine, just so my bench doesn’t completely suffer.
4,4. Nothing much, just enough weight to make me strain a little, still working on my technique.

Rolled on a PVC pipe, this was my first time “rolling” on anything. Hurt like a hoe with herpes, but I will continue to do it, knowing it should help with recruitment and soreness.

Smolob Base Squat Cycle Day 2:
5 sets of 7 reps with 335,
I round my weight down because it is always easier to add weight if need than to lower weight and be gased.

That’s all I did today, felt a slight bout of nausea, nothing close though.
Then some stretching for about 10 minutes.

All felt great. I’m not sure if I did 6 or 7 on the 1st set, so I did 8 on the last set in order to make up for it. I would have hated walking out, not knowing if I completed all of the desired repetitions.

YESTERDAY’S Nutrition;
4350 Calories
313.5g Protein = 28.9%
113.5g Fat = 23.5%
532.5g Carbs = 49.0% (91g Fiber, 159g Sugars (one-third of the sugars came from post workout shake.))

Much better day, about 200 calories higher than I wanted, but not bad that I went under considering I’m squatting heavy 4 times a week. Carbs were a little much, as with protein. I should try to focus on bringing up my fat intake to near 140g. My goal is to intake 130g Fat, 275g Protein, and 475g carbs.

Today was my off day from squats.
I did a little benching today.
Bench Press; 455,455,1355,2251,2452,2453,2602,2602,290*20 second negative.
135 with double choked mini bands, 3 sets of 10.


I’ll post yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s nutrition data tomorrow evening.

Smolov Squat Base Cycle; Day 3
7 sets of 5 with 80% of max.
7 sets of 5 with 360lbs,
I worked out at the high school today in order to save time for the rest of my day.
All went well, except the last set, while racking the weight, i smashed my finger between the j peg and the bar. I didn’t feel it for about 2 hours, but i cleaned it right away. another eighth of an inch to the left and i would have smashed the bone. YIKES! luckily i just ripped some skin and some nail. phew…
I’ll still squat with it, but will have to move my hands so that they will not be smashed again. ha.

then i stretched/kneaded my legs for about 15 minutes.

nutrition will be posted around 9:30 tonight.

Okay. This is a catch up post!

Today’s squats…kinda.
I was supposed to do 10 sets of 3 with 380, but that did not happen, I warmed up well, but i knew this wouldn’t be happening…lol. I went to my first set, i barely got up with the first rep of 380. So with that, i stopped the squats, knowing it wouldn’t do any good to continue, and i all i could get from that is another injury…
So i decided to do heavy walk outs, which i love to do, and i believe that they help me considerably. I set the j pegs to a point where it was about a half squat to stand up. then i walk out, slowly, then walk back. rerack the weight and repeat.
I did 405 for 2 ‘sets’, 495 for 1, then 595 (495+2 50lb dumbbells suspended by bands, to help balance.)for 2 sets. then tapered back down. not only do these help me keep stiff, but they accustom my body to heavier weights, making my heavy squats seem light, GREAT mind trick. :slight_smile:
These were difficult, but not nearly as hard as the 10 sets of 3 would have been. I believe that i had not recovered fully from yesterday, partly bc of my finger. My finger is completely white now, i’m pretty sure that every single whiye blood cell that my body has is repairing my finger. so my body concentrated on the finger in stead of the legs. It is a logical idea to me. but despite that, i was just not prepared for today, hopefully every 10 sets of 3 day will not be like this.
I made it from a potentially bad workout, to a fairly productive one. :slight_smile:

FOOD UPDATE: finally…


4030 calories
29.4% Protein= 296.5 grams.
44.0% Carbs= 443 Grams (117.5g sugar, 84g fiber)
26.8% Fat= 120 Grams


3307 Calories
227g Protein= 27.5%
47.0% Carb= 389 Grams
25.0% Fat= 91.75 grams


3240 Calories
64.5g fat= 17.9%
400.5g carbs= 49.4%
256g protein= 32.0%

Kind of falling off the last few days… =/
Probably a big factor as to why i ould not squat my best today… :’(

Saturday training.
Bench press w/ light reverse bands;
2251 added reverse bands

Close grips reverse band

Incline bench press

I’m really trying to focus on my lockout right now. I’m not sure why, but my bench has taken a turn for the worst, 2 months ago, i had a 315 bench, now i have trouble with 275.
I can’t really trace the problem, but it was just before i started my meet prep when i cut out my band pushdowns and push-ups at night. so i’m definitely going to start doing those again.
I would’ve worked today, but it’s pouring outside, already at 3 inches today.

Today I played tennis for about a hour, keeping myself active.

There’s nothing much more to report on. Later today, i’m going to stretch a ton since my lower body is still pretty tight from this past week.