The Road Back

I’m a powerlifter/strongman who has delt with injuries the past couple years(torn glute and bicep)which has kept me from competing for awhile now. Hope to be back on the platform within the year but I’m almost starting from scratch. Here’s May 28th workout:

Bench: 150x3,180x3x2sets 210x2x3sets
Deadlifts: 270x3,320x3x2sets 375x2x3sets
DB flys: 30lb 8x3sets
BB rows: 90lb 8x3sets

Squat: 225x3,270x3x2sets,315x2x3sets
Bench: 150x3,180x3x2,210x2x3
DB flys: 30x8x3sets
Wide pulldowns: 8x3

Squats: 225x3,270x3x2,315x2x4sets
Bench: 150x3,180x3x2,210x2x3,225x2x2sets
DB press(with mb)35x8x3
BB rows: 135x8x3
DB flys: 30x8x3

Bench: 150x3,180x3x2,210x2x3,225x2x2
Deadlift: 270x3,320x3x2,375x2x3sets
DB press: with purple band 35x8x3
Barbell rows: 95x8x3
flys: 30x8x3

Bench(1board) 165x5,195x4,225x3x2sets,255x2x5sets
Squat: 250x5,300x5x2sets,350x55x5
Bench(4second pause) 150x5,180x4,210x3,240x2x4sets
flys: 30x8x4
Rows: 135x8x5

DB Bench: 35x10,50x10,85x7,85x6
Pulldowns: 115x10,115x25
Bench Dips: 30 reps
DB Curls: 30x13
Log clean and press: (clean every rep) 90x5,95x5,105x3x3sets

SHRUGS: 175X20,320X20,450X20
Band Leg Curls: Blue and purple 15x2
Roman chair situps: 20

Squats: 135x6,225x5,275x3,325x1,415x1,415x2
BB lunges: 50x30x2sets

Bench: 95x6,135x4,160x4
close grip with 4board: 235x3,245x3
regular grip with 5board: 260x3,270x3
Pulldowns: 110x10,160x10
DB extensions elbows out: 50x10x3

Log press: 105x5,125x4,150x3,160x3
Axle press: 115x5,140M learning techiqnue on cleaning the axle
BB Press: 125x5,150x5,175x4

Deadlifts: 135x6,225x4,315x2,405x1,460x1
BB Shrugs: 175x20,320x20,460x15
KB Swings: 10x3,
Cable Abs: 60x10,125x10