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The Rite


I watched it last night. Anyone else seen it, yet?

Does anyone think the stuff is real? Anyone seen anything like what was in the movie (not exactly like that, but demonic possession).

After watching are you interested in learning more on exorcism?


How was it?


Awesome! Scary not quite unlike Exorcist, which had ground breaking graphics (even has horrible as they seem now), but definitely some intense situations and was more realistic than pea soup and 360 degree spinning heads.

Hopkins is funny in the first part of the movie, and I was actually surprised at the twists.


Hollywood has had a serious boner for exorcism movies in the past few years. Does this one bring anything new to the table?


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Yes, it was based on a true story and was very close to the actual story. They had several exorcist on staff to get the theological stuff down (make sure they explained how they figure out if someone is possessed and had the prayers down and other stuff) and they had the actual priest that the story was about come from his Chicago parish to sit on set to make sure the movie stuck close to the actual events.


Movie seems interesting, Hopkins is a great actor but, based on true a story??? Who actually believes this is true, demon possession?


maverick88, if you don't believe in demonic possession you could come to Indonesia, Thailand, India, etc.
google picture of "debus" or "tai pu san" - where people do inhuman tricks while being possessed.
you can do it while visiting Bali or Chiang Mai.

if after seeing it by yourself (not the google pics but the live attractions) you are still unconvinced, nothing could make you.


I'd probably go see it now after BC's recommendation. I do wish there were films that approached the spine chilling realism of what the first exorcist film brought. I watched the director's cut in the cinema's and it was that damn good. I do find this subject matter far more horrific and scary than say supernatural beasts or slasher flicks. Having said that Japanese, Korean and Thai horror films are very good also but that's a topic for another thread.

Plus anything with Sir Anthony is bound to be good.


He's a strong character in the movie. A few wicked scenes with him in the movie.


Yes, that is what the journalist says and that is what the Father says, journalist wrote a book on it first. As Hopkins in the previews says, not believing in the Devil won't save you from him.

I am guessing you don't believe in demonic spirits, and why is that?


Trash movie don't see it, by watching it you are telling Hollywood to make more of this exorcism garbage. Though im sure the superstitious people will flock to see, sad...


Why would I protest an exorcism movie? I want GOOD MOVIES. It doesn't matter to me if they make another one that's good. Spill.com ripped this one to shreds. They said it is flat out boring using overused scare tactics.


i liked it, it was good enough. Not the Exorcist, but enjoyable.