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The Ripped and Ready Regimine : Char-Dog Read This Bro

Heya T-freaks. Char-Bro, I tried that “workout in half the time” for ripping up. I did Chest/Tri’s and I’ll tell ya bro, I thought I was gonna puke afterwords. It rocked and I was proud that I could down my post-workout shake without protein-macheing the walls. Thanks T-bro. We should hijack this post now. Lata.

"MB Eric: Lose consciousness now ask me how! Since 1203."


Hey, nice one MB! Glad you liked the workout idea. Those old guys knew their stuff, eh? Next I’ll have you on dessicated liver! LOL! As for highjacking the post, I’m ready when you are. But we need to get ol’ ham-ass Styles in here too… Styles, where are you, man?

Char you’re a fucking genious! Styles! From not on you MUST post as “Ham Ass Styles”! AH HAHAHAHAH!!!

“MB Eric: Like a syringe fulla lunacy, since 1803.”