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The Ring. :)

Anybody see that movie the ring. From what I’ve heard there is two movies with similar names that both have ring in the title. Well one is about a guy in a phone booth or something. Well I didn’t see that one. I saw the one about if you see this video tape you die. That was some creepy shit. Bit hokey but. Well wanted to know if anyone else saw it? Ciao. :slight_smile:

The Ring is a 1998 Japanese horror flick. It has since been remade about 5-times. There’s a Korean version, and now the US version. The US version was made just north of here (Portland) in Washington State. I posted something about this sometime ago on the forum. The premise is you receive a video tape, you watch it, and you will die in 7-days after watching the tape.

At San Diego Comic Con, there were stacks of tapes lying around outside of the convention center. All marked "FREE". We took one. It's the video that's shown in The Ring. Pretty creepy. And a brilliant marketing strategy.

Have you seen the Japanese version? Thanks Patricia. :slight_smile:

nk: Nah, haven’t seen the Japanese original yet. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Either the usual “scared the shit out of me” or “what’s so scary about that? It was slooowww”.

Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive) stars in the US version. I've seen the trailer - it almost follows, shot by shot, the Japanese orginal trailer. But it is effectively creepy. I'm sure you can view the trailer on Quicktime. I know we will be seeing this movie. BTW: There's another scary movie out of Hong Kong called The Eye that is receiving interesting reviews.

Patricia, keep up the good work as far as the movie info. You do it better than “E!”. Peace.

Thank you! FYI: I’ll be posting up some new info on Superman 5 - it’s getting really down and dirty, too! It’ll be a synopsis of ALL that’s going on…

Patricia :-)

Much agreed Prof. X. Who else here votes that Patricia should set up a daily email list-server of her excellent film and pop culture commentary. :wink: Just kidding Patricia - keep up the good work.