The right way to start the day...

I have always worked out in the evenings, recently I have gone to morning workouts. My schedule is such that can warm up from 6:00 to 6:15 and then work until 7:00. I work out at home so I actually roll out of bed at about 5 til 6:00. I drink coffee the whole time I work out. With so little lag time between bed and the first work set should I try to eat on the way to my garage, or just wait for a post wout GROW? If you guys suggest some sustenance I would appreciate suggestions. With kids, work etc. I really can’t get up any earlier.


Hey, John. There was a thread similar to this not too long ago. Really you just have to test the waters as far as what your body can handle. I don’t think five minutes is that much time for getting much into your system. If you’re having great (or even decent) workouts now, no need to switch things up. A couple of the guys mentioned that they would set an ECA stack or just some ephedrine on their nightstand and down it with a glass of water right away. Obviously the coffee will give you a little kick in the pants. You could also try to get in a serving of PowerDrive right away on an empty stomach with a glass of water. In Jack Yo Ass Up, Chris mentioned that taking PD and EC on an empty stomach and plenty of agua gets the goods to their destination pretty darn quickly. John, it also depends on your goals. If you’re trying to shed some of the big nasty, then you might want to just give it the go without anything. If you’re looking to pack on some mass, a liquid meal (just a scoop or two of GROW or protein powder) would be ideal as you’ve been fasting for the duration of sleep. Regardless, you definitely need the post-workout nutrition and you seem to have a handle on it. Personally, I don’t do well without something in me. When I trained first thing in the morning, I would get up about an hour before I wanted to train and have a small meal. Obviously priorities and constraints have their place. Good luck, John.

Lately I’ve been doing two of my workout days early in the morning. I wake up and make a Grow first thing. Go pee, get dressed out the door to Peet’s for a strong cup of coffee and I’m at the gym within 15 minutes of walking out the door. 5 minutes on a bike and I’m good to go, been having great workouts. I don’t think that I’d do near as well without anything in me though.