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The Right Way to Protest



Hmmm, I guess they don't care much for all the Israeli children killed at the hands of Hamas and their terrorist cronies.


The first question to ask is why was an IDF soldier visiting an American campus to begin with?


Another question to ask is why a bunch of spoiled white rich kids care about this in the first place.


Are foreign soldiers frequently invited to talk in US schools?


Yeah, that's kinda strange isn't it? Why don't we have Russian soldiers come to our universities and talk about their ordeals in Chechnya too.


That's what college kids do isn't it? Alot of them are idealistic and see themselves as fighting oppression world wide. I'm not gonna argue that many college kids are easily swayed, but the way they conducted their protest is what impressed me. No yelling, no fighting, no throwing things. They were very civil and non-violent.


Props to the IDF guy - awesome self-discipline.
As for the protesters - they probably thought he'd freak and stop talking.
While U of M campus is moderately liberal - it's pretty obvious that most of the protesters are arabic/muslim, so no wonder.
Oh wait, oh noes, I'm raaaaacist.


Why did ahkmadinijagd ( Iranian pres) visit a campus.


We had a number of militant radical groups, one of which was a muslim radical, come speak at our school my junior year, I politely said I wanted nothing to do with the talks, but it was our ethics teacher that brought them in, was about 1 year after 9/11. I received an F on the papers I wrote and brought it before the dean of the college. Leftist progressives have been bringing militant radicals to talk for years and years. And if you didn't agree you failed, so f the students their idealogue professors that organized this. More than likely one of these professors brought them in specifically to do something like this.

Hypocritical POS.

Oh my University was full of rich preppy kids from NY and NJ.


actually after reading up on this more, it was a bigoted type of protest, there is a very high muslim population at dearborn,


Good question...Further, when he stepped foot on American soil, outside of the UN, why was he not arrested for kidnapping, extortion, torture, and trespass? Of course I am refering to the Iranian Hostage situation in '79-'80. He should at the very least be held as an enemy combatant according to the Geneva convention.


What pissed me off was that our millitary had to protect his ass.


Ahmadinejad is an evil bastard, but he was a simple pasdaran without any official position in 79-80.


How is that the right way to protest? They didn;t do anything. Isn't the idea of a protest to be loud, be heard, disrupt? Maybe that happened I only lasted 2 minutes before I got bored. Useless.

Anyone remember when RATM protested by standing on stage naked with tape over their mouths for their set? Another rubbish protest. I remember the guitarist (forgot his name) saying the whole time he was up there in the freezing cold all he could think about was how small his cock must've looked.


Ghandi protest. Except Ghandi had a something worth protesting about.


All though I do not agree with theese kids, it was a good way to get attention. You don't always have to be loud and obnoxious to get your point across. They are still hypictites because most were muslums and we all know how they feel about jews.


The girls are there because they're idealistic, the guys are there because some of the girls looked cute.




What a bunch of idiots. At least they didn't yell and scream.