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First or all thank you to you all . I’m 54 years old , teach martial arts and am a Master Automobile mechanic by day . Lol body fat about 10-12% .Eat fairly clean . Haven’t felt like myself ​for about 6 months. Live in Las Vegas NV . Went to Numale docs said I was a trt candidate due to my test level being 456 . Tried to put me on 100 mg test once a week and an AI EOD . Brakes put on after reading this forum for months and finally joining . Asking if this is the right (better) track . 50mg test cyp e3d for 6-8weeks then get blood work and adjust Test from there or implement ai if needed ?

Do you have any other lab results you can provide? What and how much AI were you taking?

It’s rare that a man that is 10 to 12% body fat would need in AI at all, usually obese men need an AI after initiating TRT for a short duration.

It seems like you originally put on what is referred to as a cookie cutter protocol with zero regard for your biomarkers.

50mg every 3 days is quite alright, but I would get more extensive labs. Finding a good TRT doctor will not be easy, forget looking for one under insurance.

Look for a doctor in anti-aging or sports medicine.

I didn’t start therapy because the doc wanted me to take a half of an AI tab Mon,wed,Fri and one shot of 100mg test c a week . He said there were only 3 markers they check in my two hour wait . I walked out . The doc said everything looked good but 456 was a little low , he’d like to see me around 8-900

I’m open to any and all advice . I have unlimited resources for trt products and I do know how to self pin . And there is a great site for my real blood work . Thank you

That was my issue , he didn’t even know my E levels and it sounded like a rubber stamp approach starting with an AI first without knowing my blood readings . My thought was I’m going to self pin for about 8 wks get a good blood test and go from there .

A lot of doctors have an automatic default protocol so that they do not have to use their brains, the path of least resistance.

These doctors should be avoided, when it comes to TRT you need someone who thinks outside the box, someone whose uses their mind to solve problems.

There’s a world of difference between a doctor that treats the reference ranges and uses labs and symptoms to determine a course of action, your doctor didn’t do either of those things.

It’s a good thing you took responsibility for your own health because doctors these days will not do that for you.

Thank you .

Welcome to the forum. Access to T cyp HCG and AI is all one needs with a little help from those that have been down that road. First and foremost you need a full male blood panel. Google Discountedlabs and get the male pre TRT panel. any advice before seeing your blood work is just people guessing.

I appreciate you all , and before I start pinning I’ll get the blood work and advice . Will post stats in near future . Thank you all .

These labs provide a good starting point:

free T4
free T3
free testosterone
total testosterone