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The right to life, liberty and grabbing girls' asses?

Out at a bar last night. Talking to a couple of guys and one is behind me, real big (wanna-be bb’r) and real prick, could just tell. IN the middle of my conversation with someone else and out of nowhere this guy grabs my ass, and no it wasn’t a pinch. He grabbed it HARD, and it actually really hurt. I turned around and he starts to laugh. I looked at him and I said, “hey chill”. He said “alright sweetie”. Five minutes pass and he does the same thing again with the same force, only he smacks it afterwards. I said, “I would prefer that you didn’t do that please.” He said, Oh give me a fucking break, I’m not trying to get anything out of it, I’m just having a little fun. I told him again, I would prefer that you not do that. He said, damn, woman you are too uptight, can you just relax, take it easy? I am just having some fun!" I didn’t know that there was some unwritten rule that it is ok for a guy to continue an action after a girl has said no, and then it becomes her fault because she can’t learn to relax… was I in the wrong here? Humble me if I am, by all means…

obviously you weren’t wrong… this guy is either drunk on alcohol or on his own ego. Get the bouncer to crack his head open with those radio dealies they carry around.

You should have kicked the azzhole in the NUTZ, Ali. Then spoken to the manager and had the wannabe thrown out. BTW, what was wrong with the guys you were talking to? They should have stepped in and pounded the fruit, after you clocked his cookies. :slight_smile:

ya Avoids Roids is right, wtf… guess those other doods were “friends” (tho maybe more like lackeys hehe) of the wannabe eh? It might not be in your nature, but you shoulda raised your voice over the music or chatter and screamed: “hey insert regionaly accepted profanity here stop insert regionally accepted statement/phraze!!” instead of politely saying “I prefer”, you were in his mind asking him to stop instead telling him to stop. That woulda gotten the bouncer’s attention and pretty much humiliated the dood making it unlikely any other female dood would entertain his bs.

I f***ing hate dudes who pull that shit or anything else disrespectful to women. I don’t get it. These guys think they are so manly but the truth is guys like that are the farthest thing from a “T-MAN” I can think of. A real “T-MAN” is confident, reserved and doesn’t need to either use jerk off pickup lines or be a dick to women and be abusive to get a girl. Real men in the end get the quality girls and when its all said and done have all their sexual dreams come true because they were respectful to the women and confident in themselves.

yeah he should have gotten a kick in the nuts and then your drink on his head. or on his nuts to make him look like he pissed his pants.

After the first pinch you should have slapped the shit out of this guy. After the second pinch, which might not have occurred after the slap, you should have broke out laughing hysterically and then yelled (loud enough for everyone to hear) “You have a 3 inch penis” or something that would embarass him. Stick up for yourself next time.

You should just had the bouncers take care of this jerk especially if he couldn’t respect your request.

that faggot is probably a virgin and just wanted to get laid, which he obviously is never going to do. i agree with a previous quote: get the bouncer to kick his punk ass

I’m with Scott. And after the guy complains about having his crotch wet or whatever, you can say, “Hey, lighten up. I’m only having a little fun…”

First – don’t ever have anything to do with the guys you were talking to when this all happened. Politically correct can go to hell - a REAL man (of any size) would step in to take care of a situation like that. Secondly - MAKE SOME NOISE! You look Stubby in the eye and tell him that he doesn’t have a chance of getting there and he should go play with his own puny little package - yours is off limits. Be absolutely certain that people hear you. And then move – why would you stay where he can reach you again?
Who calls the shots with your body?!? I am the least uptight woman you’ll ever meet, and only I decide who touches me and when.

Ya, what she says…

Ali - I’d like to think I would have clocked the guy, but large drunk men can be somewhat intimidating. Anyway, what the hell were those guys you were with doing? I’d would like to think ‘friends’ would have backed him off. You could also go grab a bouncer and have the guy thrown out. You were absolutely not in the wrong, but next time be much louder about it.

You should get the local bouncer to escort the bastard out on his head, next time. Nobody should have to put up with that kind of shit.

I am with everyone, he deserves to get his ass kicked and why weren’t your friends helping you? If something like that happened to my girlfriend or one of her friends I would have done some serious ass kicking and made him do some serious apologizing with his nuts in his hands!

If you can bring yourself to slap him or kick him in the nuts, then, while looking him in the eye, grab his nipple, pinch, twist and pull up and walk him backwards while whispering that you are an undercover cop and if he touches you or ANYONE again you will have him taken away.

Once he doesn’t listen for the second time then act really seductive and put your hands around the back of his head. Slowly lean forwards as you’re staring into his eyes. Knee him in the balls then when his reflexes make him hunch forward, (remember where you’re hands are at?) use his momemtum to help you smash his face into your knee or onto the bar/barstool. After that, he’s in a lose/lose situation. He hits a girl and a bunch of guys jump in to kick his ass. He walks away and it looks like he got his ass kicked by a girl. After that, you turn back to your friends knowing that you just put another little crack in his pathetic world.

You’re the dumbass that didnt do anything the FIRST time. THEN you let it happen AGAIN???

Personally I like to grab girls asses only when in a crowd so she wont know who did it… less chance of getting beaten up like a little bitch for it. You can say Im a loser but I know those hot bitches arent going to ever let me touch them and frankly, its just not fair. Beautiful girls everywhere and I cant touch them… it makes me furious.

if it was you i probably would have ripped your liver out after the first time. what a piecee of shit.