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The right time...

When did you all find it “the right time” to start useing supplements. was it straight from the start or did you start when your gains weren’t what they used to be? In this situation im talking about muscle building supplements. This post is just to share experiences. Peace

“Well, when I was your age…”

Just kidding. When I first got into the game back in '91, I zipped right into GNC and bought everything I could get my hands on. Here’s a partial list of my first supplement stack:

Cybergenics Phase I and Infiniti 3000
(I know, slap my hand with a ruler!)
Weider Mega Mass 2000, Flex Fire and Carbo Fire
Challenge Growth and Training Vita Pak
Optimum 2222 Amino Acid pills

I spent most any available dollar I had on the “latest greatest” supplements. The sad thing is, however, that I had no clue about proper diet and I was grossly overtraining, like many newbies. Had I spent this money on quality food and utilized a proper training protocol, my gains would’ve been a hell of a lot more.

The first “real” supplements I bought were Met-Rx (the original one), Phosphagen and Vanadyl Sulfate when it first hit and was selling like hotcakes. It was then that I had discovered Muscle Media 2000 and was just starting to get into a decent regimen, but still relied on the supplements to do the work for me.

Then, I saw the EAS Grand Spokesperson Challenge and immediately signed up, loading up on virtually everything they had…HMB, CLA, V2G, Cytovol, Phosphagen HP, and up to 5-6 Myoplex shakes a day. Gains were okay but for what I was spending every month, I might as well have purchased a cycle of roids (No, I don’t use and never will but am just making a point).

When did I start to really obtain knowledge on what to do? At that same time, one of my bosses was also competing in the EAS Contest and ended up finishing as a runner-up in the Fat Loss category, losing to that Meredith Brown chick. He was using virtually all the same supplements and doing the same training as me, but did so much better.

What was his secret? Proper diet. It took me FIVE YEARS to finally realize that it’s all about a good foundation diet FIRST, and anything else is secondary. So hopefully this answers your question bobo my friend…get your “house” in order and the rest will fall into place. Good luck!

When your diet is in order (this is harder and takes longer than it sounds). I will start using supplements this summer.