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The Right Time to do WS4SB

What do you guys think is a good time in your training ( experience, strength, weight etc.) to start WS4SB for the best results. Like e.g maybe a 1.5x bw squat or general guidelines like that.

When you are a skinny bastard…

The time is now.

What i meant is when should it be best used to get the optimal results.
E.g if a true beginner thats never touched a weight in his life , you would teach him the basic form of the lifts and start him on starting strength until he stalls on that.

So now im about 145lb, squat 1.5xBW or abit more, bench abit below my BW, training mainly for vertical jump but i think gaining muscle mass will give me a better base for a bigger squat and dynamic days with jumps will help with movement effeciency, thus leading to a higher VJ! provided i gain that mass with minimal fat gain (good foods , excess calories and alot of protein not much junky crap)

My running vert pr about a few weeks ago is 34inches, standing is around 27-29inch ( hvnet tested recently)

My main goal is vertical jump, muscles mass is just something that may help me along the way+make me look guuuud nekid :wink: lolol jks.