The Right Supplements!

I am curious at to what people here on T-Nation think the best BASIC supplement stack is? Or at least what is crucial for you?

Personally, as someone only in there second year of serious training, I prefer cycling creatine and using glutamine. What about you?

Most basic and essential for a weight-training individual? For me: Metabolic Drive, Flameout, Surge, Creatine and BCAA’s.


-Whey Protein (Versatile Mix with yoghurt etc/Cheap)
-Fish Oil (try and get 1g DHA per day thats around 6-8 caps usually)
-Greens+ (If optimum health is your interest)

If you really want to streamline then skip the Surge and replace it with maltodextrin/whey, also drop the greens and make sure yu get 10+ servings of fruit and veg. If you can afford it though I strongly recommend Surge.

BASIC supplement stack should be whey protein, BCAAs and glutamine. Advanced trainers can add more specialty supps.