The Right Side of the 40's

Training Log 2014-2015

175 LBS
Age 43
BF ~ 14-15%

175 LBS
BF 9-10% (6-9 months from now…who knows)

Working on basics again after maintenance over the last 4 years. Was pretty on/off the past few years (few months on and a few off) after some major BS in my life.

Push Pull 3 day split.

Day 1 Legs/Chest/Tri
Squats 3x10 (light)
Lunges 5x5 or Press (heavy)
Bench 5x5
Incline Bench 5x5
Flys 3x10
Overhead cable Tri extensions 4x7
Overhead barbell Tri Extensions 5x5

Day 2 Back/Bi
Seated Rows 5x5
Overhead Pull down 5x5
Dumbbell Rows 5x5
Barbell Curl 7x7x7 (7 Half Bottom/7 half top/ 7 full curls) This is a bitch!!
Dumbbell curls seated incline 4x7
Dumbbell curls 3x10 standing

Day 3 Shoulders/Trap/Calf
Barbell overhead Press 5x5
Dumbbell overhead Press seated 4x7
Barbell Shrugs 3x20
Calf Raises 5x25

I’m going to add some long range cycling 3 days a week to shed some BF (minus the spandex outfits). I HATE cardio and can only get into it with sports.

Diet blows chunks (with frequency and quality) and will be working on this. Less fat is my goal. Have not drank milk or alcohol in over a year and eat a lot less cheese. Added veggie juicing, focusing on protein 175 grams. Get Carbs under 150 and Fat under 100.

Major areas of work needed…everything, but a focus on back and biceps.

9-5-14 shoulders

Barbell press 105 5x15
Dumbbell press 55’s 5x5
Cable extensions 2x20

Back-bis tomorrow

Glad to see a log here man, I’ll be following.

[quote]Alpha wrote:
Glad to see a log here man, I’ll be following. [/quote]

Sounds good. Good to see a 12 year Veteran in the midst!



Seated rows 180 6x5
Pull downs 150 3x10
Pull ups to exhaust

Barbell shrugs 225. 3x10

Dumbbell curls 35’s 4x10
Cable curls 3x10

First 7 am workout in years. Empty gym, serious dedicated crowd, people with smiles on their faces rather than bro-face… I think I like it!

San Diego hotel fitness center with shitty eq.

Enough said, shitty workout.

Back in town

Back bi’s

Seated rows
195 5x7
Lat pull downs
Barbell shrugs
135x20 225 x10 275 2x10 135x20
7x7x7 for 4 sets

179 lbs today.


Bench. 135 2x10 185 5x8
Machine Flys. 100 3x15
Triple extensions 3x15


Squat 275 5x5
Lunges 115 5x5
Calf 280 3x20