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The Right Side of 30 (TX_iron)


Westside for skinny Bastards, Washed-up meathead.
6 feet tall; 180-185lbs; 29 years old.

Bench: 245x5
Box squat: 300x3

Bench: 255x3
Box Squat: 315x3

CG Bench: 245x3
Front Squat: 245x3 (bad day)

CG Bench: 245x5 (after 175lb press)
SSB squat: 315x2

Floor press: 265x2, 275x1 (pr)
Squat: 315x3 (pr)

Floor press: ramp to 245x5, rpe 10
Pull-ups: 5 sets of 8, pyramid to +45lbs

DB incline: 12, 10, 8
Landmine abs & v-ups
Rope curls

30 minutes cycle


  • I’m doing BJJ 2 times/week, and on every upper body session I condition. My favorite is tabata with tires and the C2 rower.

  • I was training strongman, and have a few comps under my belt. However after picking up bjj, due to time and recovery one had to take a back seat.

  • due to a wrist injury (bjj) I cant do any supinated work with my right hand.

Thoughts: I’m not really training for anything, I just want to be in better shape in my 30s than I was in my 20s. I turn 30 in a few months. If a cool comp comes up, be it a marathon, a strongman comp, a CrossFit comp, or a spontaneous fight in a Thai ring, I’ll probably go for it.

I keep trying to venture back toward 531 but get way too bogged down. Ws4sb is my go-to. My focus right now is to “bodybuild the upper, athlete the lower,” which ironically came from Jim Wendler. Not dogging 531 by any stretch, we just don’t jive. I love me some variety.



In for your new log!


Thanks! Logging is going to be far more sporadic in this go around, so apologies in advance for the bumpy ride.


Me lower
Squat - ramped to 315x3, 335x1 (smooth)
Deadlift - 10x3 with 315+65lbs chain
kB step ups w 55lb bell
Leg curls

RE upper
Went DC style and felt the pump, finished with some cycling

ME upper
Incline ramped to 185x5, 205x3 (rpe 9)
Ring chins
Trx rear delt

Db Bench - 85s x10,6,3

Tabata row.

Also I got stomped in bjj last night.


Ha no worries man, im already subscribed to heaps of logs and i get tonnesof notifications so its allgood.


So a little behind here…

Still on ws4sb

this week


Incline- ramped to 205 x3
Incline plate machine - 4x10 w 5 second negative
Lots of chins, rows, face pulls, and guns.
Bjj- takedowns, and grappled hard for a total of 24 minutes. I never left the mat. Conditioning is getting SO much better.


Bjj- more takedowns and leglocks, and grappled for 3 consecutive 6 minute rounds

Frankenstein squat- ramp to 225x3
Front squat- ramp to 275x3
180# sandbag to shoulder - emom 12x1
Back raise holding two 70lb DBs - 25 total reps
Step-ups holding two 25lb KB - 3x15

Notes: in my health exam yesterday morning I weighed in (pre breakfast) at 183, and body fat around 11%. Lean Bulking is going well.

Notes: on paper, it seems like my progress is stalling. But, I’m getting consistent numbers while significantly upping the amount of grappling I’m doing. If I came in fresh & hit the same numbers, that might be an indicator of stalling. But that’s not what’s happening. I’m coming in with a lot of cumulative fatigue and tying or even beating old prs.

Am about two weeks into creatine though, so there’s a factor worth considering.


Ramped to 245x4 on pin bench, pins set 1” above chest

Bjj, 3 consecutive 6 minute rounds of grappling

Front squats - ramp to 280x1
Grenade pull-ups - 20 reps
180# sandbag to shoulder - 4 reps, the it popped
RDLs - 315x 13,8,4 (rest pause)
1 mile row

Bjj - worked on Darce chokes
4 x 6minute consecutive rounds grappling

realized via my coach that I often find myself in a position to go for a head-arm triangle, but I never execute. That’s my goal for next time. I’m really learning how to use my legs like a monkey too lol.

Bench - 185 x 17(PR), 8, 8
Pull-ups 50 reps
Seated one arm shoulder press -50x8,8 40x12
Hanging leg raises-3x10
Curls, triceps, rear delts
15 minutes bike

Notes: 186 bodyweight this afternoon, & I’m looking lean & mean. Wife told me yesterday “whatever you’re doing, it’s working.”