The Right Protocol for Me?

Hi! I am struggling to find the right protocol for me. I am 27, 5’5 and weigh 145. I have not had my body fat tested but I assume I am around 23-24%. I have been training for about 3.5 years and for the past year I’ve had little results. I have had several injuries over the past few years such as shoulder surgery, hip flexor flare ups, and lt knee meniscus tear. My diet seems like rabbit food compared to most here…

I consume roughly 1450cals a day… yes even on training days. 45f,130c,130p. I have never been able to handle carbs well, 150g seems to be the max before I start gaining fat. I weight train 5-6 days and 2-3 HIIT sessions a week. My main goal is fat loss; strength is not a major concern since I have no desire to compete HOWEVER I would like to add more muscle.

Today I ordered Indigo-3G and Carbolin 19, any thoughts on those two together? As far as supplements, I only take bcaa’s & whey isolate. My measurements have not changed in the last 8 months and I feel as if I am spinning my wheels going nowhere… very frustrating!! I will post pictures and sample of my daily meal plan!
I welcome any suggestions!! Thank you!!!

Breakfast (preworkout): 60g oat bran with whey and 2tbsp of peanut butter
postworkout- 2 rice cakes with 6 egg whites
lunch: 4oz chicken with 4oz sweet potato and greens
dinner: chicken again with greens and avocado
bedtime- whey with almond milk and 1 tb peanut butter

That seems like very low calories given your activity level. How long have your calories been that low?

Your calories are too low. Given that your bodyfat is accurate, and taking into consideration your activity factor, you should be at about 2000 calories per day. At 2000 calories you would still be in a 20% calorie deficit below maintenance level calories. You are almost at a 40% deficit, which is why you have plateaued. At a deficit this aggressive, your body perceives a starvation situation, which means it will actually do all it can to hold onto fat (fat being it’s emergency stores). If you can’t handle more carbs, try increasing your protein and fats until you can hit that 2000 mark. Until you either slow down on your training OR increase your calories, your fat loss will continue to stall.

Thank you!!

I will definitely up my cals. I was confused on how to calculate my activity level considering I am student and not very active outside my daily workouts.