The "right" level of testosterone

I was suffering all the classic ‘low T’ symptoms, got tested, came back at zero!
they put me on 200gm/ml Test-c per week 1cc. three months later they retested me and I’m at 1200. now they want me to reduce to 0.3cc per week, implying that my level is too high - yet - I feel zero difference. can anyone tell me what a proper - effective - test blood level is? not losing weight, and my libido is non existent, training 10 hours per week - hard!

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Could be a number of issues, but “training 10 hours per week - hard!” Might want to look into this: Great Bodies, No Sex: Chronic Exercise vs. Libido.

And this: How to Increase Libido.

I started TRT with borderline iron deficiency, TRT worked well for the first 6 months, then the benefits wanned.

If you have a thyroid problem, TRT may not work well as you won’t be able to metabolize the testosterone very well.

You may have something else going on other than just low-T, because every case of low-T has an underlying cause.

Everyone will respond differently, the average guy is anywhere between 100-150 mg per week.

Men have different types of androgen receptors, sensitivities to those androgens as well as abilities for tissues to respond.

Most guys feel optimal Free T at the top 25 percentile or higher. Too bad your doctor is only checking the Total T, which doesn’t define testosterone deficiency/status.

Changes to your body happen after 6-12 months

You take/took finasteride?

Most men feel good at 500 to 1000. In all literature I’ve read, including medication information, the normal range is 300 to 1200.

Your level is likely higher than 1200 at times.

200 mg per week isn’t TRT (I don’t care what anyone says).

It sucks that clinics seem to always start people at 200 mg/week Test. This is almost always too much for TRT levels, which results in them adjusting DOWNWARD, which is a horrible transition for most. The ideal is to start LOW, and adjust UPWARD to get to the ideal TRT levels. But clinics would sell less Test this way.


How about everything around it? SHBG/e2/PRL/Thyroid? All have a large impact