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The Right Game Plan? Input Please


This is my first post, ive been reading a bunch of articles on this site and others. Im now inspired to get my self in shape. I use to be really fat at 250lbs and only 5'10 I dropped down to 190 over last summer but am no where in the shape i want to be in. I play alot of basketball and I want to increase my speed/vertical/endurance.
my current stats are:

18 years old
vertical of 25-29in

Plan of action:
Lift weights 3x a week M/W/F(full body workout)Lighter weights higher reps due to safety(in garage with no spotter/squat rack)
cardio(basketball practice)tue/thur
and games on saturday or sunday.
Diet of 1500-2000(healthy) calories. I also bought some supplements to encourage me to stick with it I plan to take:
in the morning-gold standard 100% whey protein, glutamine powder, xenadrine efx, kre-alkalyn 1500.

xenadrine in the early afternoon

kre-alkalyn 1500 pre workout
glutamine powder/whey protein post workout

and whey protein before bed

I want to drop 20 lbs or more of fat, add a little muscle, increase vert to 30+ hopfully by the end of march. I have a few questions that id like some input on:

1Are my goals reasonable?

2Should i add/drop/rearrange any of my supplements?

3 a noob question but, can i mix my glutamine and protein in the same drink?

Any advice/tips are welcome, hopfully you guys wont tear me shreds since im such a noob.


What I would suggest is that you invest in a sandbag. Also look around the house for heavy awkward shit to carry and lift. I made a makeshift impement at home with an 8 kilo bar from an old weight set, threw on 2-5gallon water jugs filled about 7/8 of the way, and then threw some more weights on the side. This has helped many of my other lift in training, and well as turning me much more solid and stripping bodyfat very quickly. Mostly I'm doing clean and presses and front squats, but also carrying it on my back like a yoke.

Just find stuff to lift and supplement what you are doing since you are going pretty light most of the time as you said, and since safety is a concern, doing something like clean and presses isnt too dangerous because you can always drop the weight.

Getting into better shape will take much more than the use of light weights.
Good luck.



A few things quickly:

1.) You need to eat WAY more. I can't imagine any 18 year old gaining muscle at 1500-2000 calories per day. You should be aiming for 2500-3000.

2.) You should accurately measure your vertical leap. It can be difficult to do if you don't have access to testing equipment. A 30+" vert is not impossible, but a true 30" vert at your body mass won't be easy to get. However, in a general sense, high-rep stuff is the enemy of building your vertical. If you want to jump high you need to build up maximal strength and then do speed and power work. Google Kelly Baggett and look up his stuff.


Get your eating plan in right. You need to eat a bit more.


well i was supposed to put my plan in action on monday and i did somewhat... I've been keeping up with my exercise and supps but my plans of dieting have gone to hell. I've ate pretty bad so far wont be supprised if i put on a pound or two this week. I want to try and salvage what i can of this week.

I ate clean over last summer and droped 60lbs(250-190) and sticking to my diet then was rather easy.

Im seriosuly struggeling this go around. My first few meals of the day are good but midafternoon-evening I seem to binge any tips to keep from doing this??? I'm mad at myself because the dieting is all mental(and should be easy) but i cant controll it right now shrugs shoulders Maybe ill go take some pics of myself to try and motivate me.


When you say binge, are you just eating a lot, or are you eating crap? There is a difference.

Since you are working out and not consuming a lot of calories, your body is going to demand you eat.

Just make sure you have appropriate healthy food choices conveniently available, and you should be fine.


well lets take yesterday afternoon for example: After i lifted I ate my post workout meal:
A can of tuna, celeray,onion,corn, and
pickel relish all cut/mixed up. Which is pretty healthy, but shortly after that I ate a hotdog mixed in with chili and cheese(grossly unhealthy).

On top of that I also ate an apple, some blackberries, two nutra grain bars, a bag of fruit snacks, a handful of sliced ham, and finally topped it off with a bowl of ice cream(could I of picked anything worse to finish it with?). I consumed all that food in lil over an 1hr. I pretty much ate everything I could find, healthy or not. And I was back eating a few hours later.


But you said you only eat 1500-2000 calories a day. Eating that much in an hour, how can that be?


yeah eating 1500-2000 was the plan, the plan failed so far


Is was a stupid plan to begin with. Aim for 2500-3000 cal from healthy foods and you'll loose the urge to binge.

Make small changes in your diet. These are more easy to handle.

Don't reduce cal AND the type of food you eat in the same time.