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The Rhino - 2226 Raw No Wraps


Damn son. Congratulations Stan Efferding.


God damn. He's got the strength of about seven bodybuilders, give or take.


thats inhumane strength! and the fact that he competes as a bodybuilder as well is just incredible. I'd love to see what his training regime looks like, and his diet for that matter.


He's a strong guy for sure.


hahaha loved his face after the WR squat and the "I was gonna do a double"


damn. just damn.

Can I want to be like him when I grow up if I'm almost 30?


I wonder why his squat decent is so slow without gear though. I guess it works for him.


Some lifters are naturally going to either be more explosive or more brute strength.


I wonder how much more he can DL without having squatted a WR weight beforehand.


My guess it allows him to stay tight better and actually lift more. As I practiced this getting tight on the bench or squat I actually slowed down. however my form was better and my ability to grind out a weight was increased.

Sometimes I think that the old explosive argument means you need to clean up form more. Even on deadlifts this has changed for me. I'd blast up a weight and the next jump is stapled to the floor. But looking at video I'd see no slack out of the bar, hips popping up to early and a miss.

I could be wrong about him and others, but this has worked for me.


Dude is my hero. At 40 years old sets an all time raw record, unreal.

The sad thing is some guys are bashing this dude. He's juiced, squatted out of a mono, etc. Good lord what more do you want from someone, just scary. Shows you the level of hate out there.

Guy is my second favorite lifter next to Misha. I want to be like Stan when I grow up.


Some of the people on PLWatch are an embarrassment. The reasons they're coming up with to bash him are retarded. Who cares if he did all of his lifts legally? Let's knock him for doing it at a local meet!


^^^^Obviously the juice added, oh, 1,000 or so pounds to his total, amirite?

Seriously, dude is on his own level. That was fun to watch.






That's insane. He seems like a pretty cool guy on top of being the strongest PL'er in the world. Honest question: What is the difference in knee wraps and knee sleeves? Do the sleeves just keep you warm and not provide the same "pressure" to help you out of the hole?


The knee sleeves he has will add next to nothing to your SQ. I have a pair like it and I can't really tell any difference in poundage when I SQ. The sleeves do keep your knees warm and not as beat up over time.



Essentially sleeves just keep your joints warm, wraps are tight enough to add lbs to the squat.


I live in Sac, and attend ST meets all the time (I work at a different strength gym in Sac).

I've met Stan before and he was kind enough to snap a picture with me minutes before his record squat. (Yes, I know, my smile is like... WTF IS THAT)

Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say after seeing that meet, I am now operating under the assumption that he is in fact, not human...

No but seriously, he's an awesome dude, and his work ethic is insane, he deserves all the records he has.