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The Return of the Mustache


Alrighty then! Who has em' & for how long? And is it a keeper for now?





Ive shaved my upper lip twice since 1987; both times for DA photos. Ive had more trouble with the army and my mustache than I ever had with women and my mustache.




MMM who is that good looking fella!?
Oh, thats me. Nevermind.

I have had my mustache for 2 years. I see no reason to shave it.


Oh Gunther...

I want to touch your ya-ya!


I believe that's off-limits. As far as I know, his tralala and his ding ding dong are all yours, though.


Christ this is a good topic.


To hell with the moustache. Go really retro and grow muttonchops, maybe a van-dyke.

I myself do not have the gift of beard or stach, so I mock that which I cannot possess.


i like the jesus look myself.


I've had one since 1987. Grew it while on an outward bound trip (I had a beard in 5 days). Since then I alternate between a van dyke/goatee w/mustache, a full beard and a partial beard. Right now I have the mustache and a partial beard...the sideburns hit the bottom of my face under the ear and head over to my chin. the beard is like 1/2" high. My wife likes it. Once it warms up I resort back to a van dyke. Winter calls for a heavier beard. When I rotate it's usually due to my not paying attention when I trim it.


Nothing beats the Bill Dee Williams.



a phrase coined back in the day before Rohytnol.


Things were so much simpler then. Now, you need a BS degree in Chemistry just to get laid.


Or a case of natty light...


The degree does help when whipping up a batch of roofies or measuring out a proper does of ether.