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The Return of Gold


"Gold is viewed as a safer type of money, since it cannot be printed and the price cannot be manipulated as easily as paper currencies. Prices have risen 5.4% in October as investors have jumped into the asset."


The boss is coming back! Gold defeats the liberal scum of the earth!


You gold bugs were right. I voted against Obama but I had no idea he and Bernacke would be this irresponsible. We are screwed.


Maybe so. Or they're just trying to pump an industry that is tapping out.

Kind of like the way Realtors were selling on the future price of a house because the actual value was way less than the asking price, just before the housing market crashed. Selling on the up is great when you are the seller. Buying on the up is not. Just ask the gazillion people who bought real estate on the up in the last 2 years prior to the crash.


They were right, I should have bought years ago. It may be a gold bubble now. I hope it is because the alternative is scary.

Time will tell.


When you have the federal reserve saying they are going to print a trillion dollars soon and buy treasury bills Gold still has a long way to go.

The General public is just getting interested in gold, if gold is a bubble this is just the start of the bubble.



When I was just a little younger than you are now, gold was $35 per ounce. When Gold hits $1400, that is 40 times that price. That is what has been done with our dollar.

The rise of the Tea Party has shown that this destruction of the dollar has gone on long enough. The level of taxation is at its top. The printing of trillions is at its top. The process is at its end.

Sanity WILL be restored or the country dissolves into a ruin of chaos and slaughter. Betting on a return to sanity, those who own REAL money will be the new rich. They will be the ones to rebuild the country because THEY will have the money.

I do not like investing in gold btw. It doesn't grow any food or produce anything of value to anybody. Our government MADE me invest in it. It MADE me divert this money in order to protect it. They are criminals. This crime, in a world of hungry people and appalling poverty, is truly one that is beyond forgiveness.

Gold will have its vengeance. Yes, it will.


Based on your post, it looks like you have been spending your money on crack rather than gold.


You think that's bad you should read his comments over in "UFO Over China" thread. Sheesh.


Gold is viewed as safer type of money?! Thats ridiculous.
I guess next time you head to the supermarket,you are bringing your gold coins.