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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III



A true masterpiece.


Uhuh… She’s within 60lbs of The Rock…


Great video! How you gonna train a lady and wear the same Capri tights as that lady!?


What’s the name of it? and to echo @dchris, worth a watch?


Mrs. Jewbacca took the younger kids. She fell asleep, and they wanted to leave. Apparently, it’s told out of order and the acting terrible.

She said the hear-me-roar-I-am-woman stuff was so thick and cloying as to be annoying to my wife, who is an American Jewish woman doctor, and not exactly a shrinking violet.

I’m going to skip this one.


Why do magazines write crap like that? It’s clearly a lie, and an agenda-driven lie at that.

Reminds me of a German magazine talking about Obama during 80lb bicep curls in each arm. Regardless of politics, anyone who read that (and lifts) knows it to be a lie and knows why they did it. It destroys their credibility.


They get perks like exclusive interviews, invitations to extravagant press conferences with expensive door gifts, promises of large ad purchases or their reporters are actually paid off under the table. I deal with PR firms quite a bit. It’s not hard to get an article written the way you want from these fellows. Sometimes the PR firm I engage writes the article we want published, lets me approve of it and submits it to them. They do minor edits and it goes to print. I do not know if this is practiced in the US but that’s how it’s done over here.


@dchris & @Despade I still need to watch it completely and allow myself time to think it over.


And this, is why I hate hip thrusts.

Hip thrusts -when 400 lbs on the bar is not 400 lbs on the bar. (#Henry Rollins)


Is her boyfriend fat Albert?



Not a bad review for a guy who is barely acquainted with the English language… :wink:


I tried them once. Didn’t care for them.


Lol thanks. I never said I was barely acquainted with English. My English just sucks, that’s all. I have good days and bad days when it comes to speaking and writing but I have no problem understanding the language.


No idea how you like your flied lice…

But there’s nothing wrong with your written English. Except for too much swearing…I kid, I kid.


Flied lice? It’s fried rice, you plick!



They should have cast Anna Kendrick. I would literally start shilling for the movie everywhere.


God I love the internet, lol.


Blech … ugliest actress ever