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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


That’s not what she said!



I’m planning on seeing it in a week or two. I couldn’t care less if my pasty white male ass isn’t welcome. Seeing as I’m the patriarchy:


Yeah, but seriously, she didn’t say that. I posted the exact article she was quoted from in the stupid thread. These new wave feminists just have the habit of saying dumb shit without thinking. Feminists used to be cool.


Looked at the reviews on RT and ouch… a few of the fresh ones are saying its mediocre. I got a feeling after factoring in allot of stuff that this be a misstep for the MCU.


The first season of Legion is a blast. The second wasn’t nearly as much fun in my opinion.


Captain Marvel

Steaming pile of shit.



You seen it now?


Yes. To be fair, it wasn’t made for you and me. It was made for children young enough to amuse themselves for 2 hours when you give them your car keys to play with. Maybe it was made for cats.


So, I’ll be enjoying it then


Sure, if you like Mary Sues, this brings it to a whole new level.


Well shit! Am I to assume that they really dropped the ball on this one?
Mary sue ? Oh hell no!


So I’ve been see this criticism of the movie around the interwebz … I am curious when they’re writing these characters and they review them, do these professional writers producers, etc no notice they’ve written a terrible character? What do they hope to accomplish with an unlikable trope?


It’s really fucking bad IMO. The biggest problem is with the screenwriting. Brie Larson looks cute in a Baby Tee. That’s the only thing good I can say about it. Even the cat couldn’t save the fucking movie.


You have to look at the thought process to understand how such a character makes sense to the writer.


Just saw that the Washington Post review of the film got a 2/4, but that’s somehow a “fresh” on RT.

But a NOW Toronto review got a 2/4 and that’s a “rotten” on RT.



And now I see that a Reelviews review got a 2.5/4 and that’s a “rotten” on RT.


I generally look at the actual average review part of RT ever since I learned about it, but I also know that many people just go off that big tomato, so these discrepancies confuse and bother me a little.


Any tie in to end game? So I don’t waste my time or money.


I didn’t stay for the credits. Couldn’t be bothered.


Captain Marvel has been helping the ugly alien people (who call themselves refugees lmao) find a home across the galaxy since the 90s. She flies. Yes, she just fucking flies around in space outside their spaceship. The thing Fury uses to call her in Infinity War is a modified PAGER that allows him to call her “across several galaxies”. The cat really did take out Fury’s eye.


I’ve been saying this for years. They’re shills and cowards. You can’t trust them.


I am so sick of your misogyny