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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Dysfunctional superhero family drama.


Movies, books, life…lol -this is how the men separate from the boys.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there really is a gender pay gap in Hollywood. It’s not uncommon in entertainment when there’s no real formal pay structure and artists negotiate work on a per project basis.


Just started Haunting of Hill House. Great so far.


Ellen Page reminds me of Sid form Toystory.



I think she needs some vit. D.

No, the actual vitamin. Not the other one.


Finally finished up the Umbrella Academy, I thought it ended well.


Happy Death Day 2u.

A little better than Blade Runner 2049 but never reaches the soaring heights of Justice League. A solid 0.5/10

Oh shut up. My wife made me watch it because she liked part one and the only other film available was a Korean comedy about fried chicken. Now I’ve just read that the Korean movie is currently the 2nd top grossing movie of all time in Korea.



I’ve started watching Legion on TV. It’s pretty good although I’m not familiar with the X Men universe. By the guy that created the Fargo TV series. The guy is like David E. Kelley. In David E. Kelley’s shows, you can easily tell when he’s the one who wrote the script for an episode. In this guy’s case, it’s very obvious when he’s the one who directed an episode.


Re watched Universal Soldier ,it has been a long time .


Waves of nostalgia coming at me right now. Universal Soldier. Love that movie.


Watched Stargate last night. Always enjoyed that movie, and always enjoy Kurt Russell. Scarily enough, Death Proof might be my favorite Kurt Russell performance (not movie, just performance).


Me and Ms Burien Top Team have been on a bit of a movie watching binge lately. A few we’ve enjoyed in the past month or two are:

Green Book (don’t care about the controversy for a nano-second)
The Favorite (weird, but shoulda won Best Picture)
White Boy Rick (interesting revisiting of the 80s of my youth; great acting; sad story)




Your just going for the cat .


Correction. Feline superhero. The MCU’s first feline superhero!


I plan on seeing it this weekend. I just hope that Larson doesn’t come across as stiff and wooden as in the trailers.


Seriously, jokes aside, I’m getting a little worried. The critics score on RT is at 85%. Ghostbusters 2016 was at 73%. Knowing what the critics are like, it should be at 90 plus percent if it’s good. I thought it would be fine because the directors did Half Nelson but, whatever, I already have tickets for tomorrow.

You gotta read the reviews. They’re fucking funny. There’s a fucker, a professional reviewer, saying he wanted to stand up and cheer during the movie because of how much of an inspiration Brie Larson is lololol.


This fellow deserves an award just for being able to come up with this shit lolol.