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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


She is cute.


OMG,she has a girlfriend #metoo


What’s it about? I keep seeing it, but have no idea what in the world it is.


Binged the first season of Naruto. I always wondered what the hype was about. It has its moments I’ll give it that.


Agree to disagree … at least recently:

She looks like she’s losing her hair and is very frail

I have to ask if you also thought Janeane Garofalo was cute … because that’s where Ellen Page is headed, career and all…


Don’t care. #metakeotherdyketoo


Too many hate crimes going on.

I don’t know who she is lol.


I think she looks remarkably frail and thin in this series. I’ve always been a fan of her chirpy humour and style. I hope she’s not ill.

@dt79 if you are a fan, have you ever watched Hard Candy?


Yes, I have. Now I want to forget I ever watched it.


She was essentially a Gen X version of Ellen Page … same kind of look, same kind of vibe, except I think Garofalo was/is an actual comedian who does stand up and shit.

If you’ve seen Wet Hot American Summer, you know who she is


Ok, she’s the chick who was afraid she had aids in Reality Bites.


She could never ever play Boltie!


Not a fan then? Of the movie I mean?


Wow … I feel like I just crossed your own personal Rubicon … jeeeeeze


No, it was good. But it was scary…


Jeanne whatshername could never pull this off lol. IIRC she was more of a representative of the so-called Gen-X “slacker culture”.


accurate … also a lefty activist which is the similar vibe I get from them along with them having a similar look


I know lots of professional entertainers in various fields IRL. If you gave them a platform, they would all be lefty activists other than the nihilists. There are no right wingers in these types of professions and the majority of them are pretty dysfunctional.


This makes me think of a comedian I watched on netflix a couple of nights ago. His thesis is that all comedians are left wing because right wing just isn’t funny. He also posited that all action films are right wing because who wants to watch an action film where people try to work things out peacefully. It was funnier when he talked about it because, well, he’s a comedian.



Lol he’s got a point. Right wingers just don’t know how to have fun(in the past, at least). Authority, Sunday mass, no sex, no drugs, censorship, Led Zeppelin is satanic…