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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Oscar night waiting on a rant from @dt79 soon :smirk:


I’m not watching it and I’m not acknowledging it lol. Go ahead and give out your participation trophies. These award shows and professional critics will gradually lose credibility. People are not stupid.


Re: Ballad of Buster Scaggs

Holy fucking shit the Coen Brothers were seriously back to form with this one. How do you pitch stories like that to a studio lol?

Alright, we wanna get Liam Neeson to play a drunken Irishman who operates a travelling theater featuring a limbless performer reciting poetry whom he replaces with a rooster that can do math and shit and throws him off a bridge and then the story ends. What do you think?


I think the best part of that story was the creeping frustration Liam Neeson had with the dwindling audience numbers and the creeping worry of the performer seeing the creeping frustration … then the alarm when he buys the rooster…the performances were fucking fantastic


A lot of people did. I just thought it was a fucking mess. They must have talked about her nose for 15 minutes. I’m like, you have a normal nose wtf is this?


Watched Robin Hood last night, it wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was entertaining. Probably a 5 or 6/10.


I heard this morning “Period, End Sentence” won something… and it’s a great step towards the fight for menstrual equality (whatever that means).


I started watching it with the wife per your earlier recommendation. First episode was really good.


It’s Buster Scruggs, and I fucking loved it.



They should make a movie about Buster. The best scene was the saloon kill scene.


Watched ‘The World is Not Enough’, classic, over the top Bond film, forgot how much I enjoyed those Bond movies, the newer ones are good action flicks, to me, but they aren’t Bond movies, Bond movies are smooth, suave, more than a hint of ridiculousness and just pure entertainment, ha! The one liners that are so bad they’re good, the impossible stunts, falls, and shots, man…just classic.

Plan on watching the next one ‘Die Another Day’ today or tomorrow. The love and nostalgia I have for these two movies may stem from my love for the N64 games, as well.


I got my wife to start watching it too. She’s more of a comedy person but I think it hooked her interest. As Flats pointed out, it gets even better.


I wrote this a year ago:

There’s a scene in Green Book where the main character proclaims:

Dr. Don Shirley: Yes, I live in a castle! Tony. Alone! And rich white people pay me to play piano for them, because it makes them feel cultured. But as soon as I step off that stage, I go right back to being just another n****r to them. Because that is their true culture.”


From the same people who were fine with Black Panther and Bohemain Rhapsody getting nominated.


The Greatest Showman is great. I have 3 girls, so I know all the words to every song. I like the soundtrack better than the movie, but the movie is still pretty good.


I’ve been watching the Umbrella Academy, so far it’s awesome. I just hope they can stick the landing. It seems like it’s easy to start a story off strong, but hard to pull off a satisfactory ending.


Man, I really didn’t like it that much. Started interesting but kinda dragged.


Don’t care. Ellen Page is in it. Gonna watch…


interesting comment…are you a big Ellen Page fan?


Define “fan”.


Well, I guess my question is why would Ellen Page being anything be an automatic qualifier for you to watch?