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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


If The Last Jedi didn’t kill off any remaining sequels/trilogies planned, I don’t understand how Solo could kill off any standalones planned.


I didn’t find Last Jedi nearly as bad as most people. I think the nostalgia over the original trilogy has warped people’s perspective on the rest of the movies.


I don’t like sand…


I guess I could see that, but I liked The Force Awakens and Rogue One. The Last Jedi was just too much nonsense with apparently nobody editing.


TLJ made money. Disney paid 5 billion dollars for the franchise. They are still going to have to take the risk to break even.

FWIW, I’m not a fan of Star Wars. I HATED the prequels. I would rather watch TLJ than any of them. At least TLJ was unintentionally funny. Watching the prequels was like watching paint dry. I fell asleep during the arena battle in The Clone Wars ffs.


Here’s an interesting question:

Do you guys think they’re going to make a normal Star Wars movie for the next episode, or are they going to double down on the SJW nonsense?

I think they should just kill everyone off and focus on the kids at the end of TLJ.


Oh yeah, I get it from a monetary success standpoint, just thought Solo was surprisingly decent and Last Jedi was crap. The opposite of what the box office results were.

For the next episode question, the only hope is that they’re going back to Force Awakens director. So even if it’s crammed with SJW elements, the plot should at least be more coherent. Hell, I didn’t even really mind the SJW stuff in Last Jedi, if they’d have just had a few people proofread the script to cut out the holes maybe it could have worked.


Yeah, I don’t mind SJW stuff in movies like these in general if they are an addition to the story, not the focus. They are not movies like The Purge sequels in which they are original stories based on specific social issues. The problem with TLJ was it looked like they came up with SJW issues they wanted to bring up FIRST, then wrote a script around them with the existing characters and tried to establish some sort of continuity from the previous films. I really can’t think of any other reason why the script turned out the way it did.


American Horror Story: Cult (Season 7)

I’ve almost completed the entire season. It’s a work of pure comic brilliance. I really highly recommend it.

*I’ve only watched this and half of the second season


That would really explain a hell of a lot. Still plenty of newly invented “physics” for lack of a better term, but could be why the film is roughly 2 hours of deus ex machina.

For falling asleep in the prequel arena battle, are you not a Natalie Portman fan? That was about the only redeeming part in all 3 of them.


About 50% of that show is great. Some of it is a little weird and fruity. Or sometimes the story kinda falls apart down the stretch.

Either way, it’s fun to see who plays what role from season to season.


Yeah but the movies were too boring. After the first one, I only watched the rest because my group of friends wanted to.


I honestly never thought I would ever hear someone say “I have a gimp in the attic” on a TV show lol. I just started the season with the freak show. Jessica Lange sings Life on Mars in 1952 with a German accent. Cool shit.


I honestly thought Portman’s acting and accent were both terrible. Now, Qui Gon, on the other hand…


Jessica Lange was great that season. “Freakshow” was my gf’s favorite season.

Kathy Bates is awesome in season 6.


The original trilogy told a good story well and sort of built a world. The prequels built a world while not telling a story very well (the story itself wasn’t really bad, it just wasn’t told well). TFA retold a story very well while raising serious questions about the coherence of the world in which it was supposed to exist. TLJ completed the dismantling of that world while failing to tell a story.

In short, every Star Wars movie until TLJ excelled at either world building or story telling. TLJ failed miserably at both.


WTF?!?! Angela Bassett is like SIXTY. What kind of witchcraft is going on here???


I bet she drinks Lots of water.


What the fuck?!?!

Jessica Lange is 70 years old! Angela Bassett is 60! Kathy Bates is the only who looks her age.



Been allot of medical work done on those individuals…