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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Your scoring system doesn’t make any sense.


Her eyes really piss me off.


I enjoy crappy movies sometimes. I’m scoring the movie as a work of art and as a whole, not by one actor’s performance.


Yeah. Even most Japanese directors who have directed anime can’t adapt it to live action movies successfully. (See Hideaki Anko’s crap and the fucking awful Attack on Titan movies). I think the only guys in Hollywoid who can make a live action animecare The Russo Brothers.


The problem is that manga and anime source material works better in a series format than stand alone films as I view it


Polar has my girl, Katheryn Winnick. The movie was good too.


If I enjoy a movie, for any reason, it simply can’t be a 4/10. So I was confused by your criteria.


Is that Jonesy?

Alright, now I’m actually excited about Captain Marvel. Girl Power!

Please don’t suck like Ant Man… The movie was ok but Oh God I hate Ant Man.




No worries, pretty understandable you wondering how I can enjoy something and then shit on it haha. I have guilty pleasures, like pointless shoot-em-up’s, or anything zombie, or good car chase scenes. Sprinkle a few of them into a movie and the rest of the movie can suck, but I’ll have enjoyed myself. It doesn’t mean I’ll consider it worth much as a whole. Either way, Mads is always on point.


Spotted Lone Wolf McQuade on Amazon Prime and gave it a rewatch. Classic Chuck Norris early-80s badassedness.

Truly epic fight against David Carradine at the end. Spoiler, if spoilers for 36-year old movies are a thing… if IMDB is to be believe, Carradine had in his contract that he couldn’t be beaten hand-to-hand on film, hence the ending. Also, as per IMDB, Carradine had trouble pulling his punches during filming, so Chuck replied in kind and “corrected” him. And Chuck Norris is a legit… legit fighter:

Also watched Solo on Netflix. It was… fine, as long as I kept thinking it wasn’t actually Han Solo. Didn’t look like him, sound like him, or act like him. But as a standalone movie, it was okay. Donald Glover’s Lando came off as trying too hard to be cool.

Chewy’s introduction was probably the highlight and well done. I don’t think the movie deserved to bring the entire standalone Star Wars universe (Boba Fett film) to a screeching halt.

The random return of Darth Maul was super unexpected and makes me hate the idea of “well, you’ve got to be following the entire film-tv-cartoon-graphic novel canon universe to understand it all” concept.


Bedeviled (Korea)

Socially oppressed chick in rural Korea named BOK-NAM goes nuts because patriarchy and starts KILLING! Pretty good flick but this has to be the funniest movie trailer I have ever watched.

BOK-NAM is not SAD


Trailer for - The Jacket . A film going back a bit but still excellent. Most certainly worth a watch.
A Gulf war veteran is wrongly sent to a mental institution for insane criminals, where he becomes the object of a doctor’s experiments, and his life is completely affected by them.


If you’re of Irish descent and want to whip yourself into a state of incoherent rage then this is the movie for you.


This looks good. Where can we see it?


I downloaded it a few years back. It came out in 2005. I’m sure if u look about you could find it


I saw it on netflix a couple of years ago too. Very good.


I agree with basically everything you said about Solo. I really think it’s poor box office performance was a backlash against TLJ. The fact that it killed the standalones instead of being taken as a blow against the sequel trilogy is a travesty of justice.

Trying to make a Han Solo movie was a bad idea precisely because casting someone to actually play a character that feels like Han Solo is close to impossible. If you ignore that, it’s a fine movie and a fine Star Wars movie.

Agree completely about Darth Maul. He was a cool villain, but he didn’t need to be brought back to life. Making him talk more in the comics was a bad idea and forcing that into the movies was unwelcome.


Watched the Han Solo movie on Saturday. I thought it was pretty good. I’m not sure why everyone hated it. The semi-twist at the end was kinda neat too.


May have thrown it up here a couple weeks ago, but have been re-watching the Indiana Jones movies…man, I love them so much, just the right amount of cheese from everyone, with just the right amount of dashing good looks and charm from Harrison Ford to make me love them all over again haha