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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Don’t get your ginger locks in a tangle.


One Cut of the Dead (Japan)

“One Cut” means a “long take” in movies, which is a really long single shot without any cuts. Like the opening scene of Goodfellows. They are used for various reasons, one of them is to make the audience focus their full attention on what’s happening on screen because the plot after this shot is heavily dependent on them picking up all the details within it. Like the first part of Snake Eyes although it didn’t work very well there because Nicholas Cage was too distracting being Nicholas Cage.

It’s also used for this reason in this movie. That’s 30 plus minutes of a single shot with the camera moving around while people run from zombies. It’s very well written. Everything that looks sloppy, pointless or just tests your patience is later revealed to be there for a purpose. And it’s bloody hilarious. I can’t reveal any part of the plot since that would take away the enjoyment of the movie. Highly recommended.


I thought you were Scottish…have you been fooling me all this time, you filthy sheep shagger?


Lucifer is pretty god damn hilarious.


Saw brawl on cell block 99, awesome film. Extremely brutal though


Sheep shaggers are the Welsh, but yeah I am Scottish.


Yeah, it was a dig at you if you were indeed Welsh. I lived in England for a year and my best friend was Welsh, so I heard all the general insults.


I loved Vince’s goon fighting style. It was Almost believable. Fun movie!


We were just making fun of him because a couple of years ago he got upset when someone thought he was English.


Tag - Had some funny moments. I don’t like comedies in general, but this one wasn’t a complete waste of time. 6/10


Gringo - Fairly entertaining. Not enough to require comments or a thoughtful review.



In my whole life I never knew anything about prejudice against the Welsh until a few years ago my Mom told me what her Aunt told my Mom’s older sister when she was on her death bed.

She beckoned her over and whispered in her ear “Luv, we’re not really Scottish, we’re Welsh”. My Aunt of course didn’t give a rats ass. This was probably more than 60 years ago.


Watched The Mule the other day…not bad…not great either…lacked a certain punch…6/10.


Watched “Who’s Watching Oliver” on hulu. It’s a weird kind of coming of age movie where an awkward, sheltered young man finds himself and love on the vibrant streets of Thailand. Good family movie, had me and the wife laughing in a couple of parts.



Polar (Netflix original) - Mads Mikkelsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, Johnny Knoxville, and even Richard fucking Dreyfuss

This movie is like a John Wick/Smokin Aces/Taken mashup, and it really works well. It’s light enough, while still having a main character that’s dark AF. He’s literally called The Black Kaiser. I was very pleasantly surprised by how good this was. It does tend to drag a bit towards the end, but you understand why it did when the ending arrives.


Wheelman (another Netflix original) - Frank Grillo

This is a taut little action/thriller. It’s 80 minutes long, knows exactly what it’s doing, and just fucking does it. Well worth a watch given the brief run time and quality of suspense.



I agree 100‰ on Polar. Very cool movie.


Damnit! I was planning on putting the kid early to bed to watch Polar with the wife out of town for a bachelorette weekend, but got suckered into moving a pool table that went very late. Basement to basement via horse trailer, I didn’t know things could weigh that much. Nice to hear Polar is good though.

If you have kids Incredibles 2 is on Netflix now, pretty solid.


Mads Mikkelsen is great in Polar, as he is in everything. The movie was predictable, one-dimensional, and pointless. The bad guy was lame and lacking in creativity. I enjoyed it, but only because of Mads. I’d give the movie a 4/10, at best.


Alita Battle Angel

This is going to flop so bad, and it deserves to. Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind give Robert Rodriguez a 200 million budget and a multi layered story that spans several volumes of a manga to play with? The man isn’t a director. He’s a visual stylist. He does not understand how movies work when it comes to storytelling. Even Michael Bay beats him in this department.

When you give him a really good script like Sin City where every scene, character motivations and intentions are literally narrated to the viewer and all he needs to do is capture the whole damn thing in moving pictures, he shines. He can make an entertaining movie that relies on style over substance with an almost negligible plot like Desperado. From Dusk Till Dawn was really good during the first half because it was mostly driven by Tarantino’s dialogue, then it falls apart in the second half. He’s capable of mimicking the visual styles and execution of the best parts of old B grade movies. Put them all together and we got Grindhouse and Machete. When he is required to actually tell a story like in Once Upon a Time in Mexico and those stupid Spy Kids movies, he makes crap.

Anyway, I watched this for the visuals. They were ok. I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch it for any other reason.


Hollywood just needs to leave manga and anime source material alone at this point. Imo