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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I hoped the tone of The Punisher was going to be a bit darker than it’s turned out to be. Like, when they introduced him in season 2 of Daredevil he was doing twisted shit like suspending dudes on meat hooks, but he’s not done anything as gnarly as that. It is good though, and I do like it.

Daredevil is my favourite thing Marvel have done. Luke Cage and Iron Fist both sucked large dicks. I’ve still not seen Jessica Jones but everyone says it’s good.


I didn’t care for Jessica Jones either. It was alright. I didn’t finish it or Luke Cage.


You spelled Hippie Batman wrong.


Instant Family 7/10

It was a decent feel good movie about fostering/adoption, with a handful of typical forced jokes by Mark that weren’t terribly funny.
Thrown in were a few PC moments with an initially over-religious Christian couple and gay couple that turns into them being ‘best friends’ at the end (a subtle nuance in the movie).


I liked the first season but that was because of Killgrave (the main bad guy) and nothing to do with her. I forced myself to watch the second season but it sucked and I learned about the virtue signalling antics that were being forced on the second season before I watched it so I think that sullied my perception of it.


I really liked JJ. But Luke Cage? Hell no. The acting was okay, the storyline was alright, the cinematography was fine, the music was great, but he’s bullet/rocket proof. It’s boring. You can’t kill him. I guess you can knock him out for a while, but nobody poses a threat to him. On top of all of that, he’s self righteous and a total pussy about stuff. I liked Iron Fist more than Luke Cage, and Iron Fist was the laziest writing of all time.


Literally the only thing I enjoyed about Luke Cage was the Fender Rhodes piano the bad guy had. Those are beautiful.


Yeah… obviously a few of the films are on this list not because of their merits alone as quality films.


When I was in HS there was a ‘local’ guy (he was from another small town about 30 miles from my hometown) that made it big into the MMA scene (not sure if he made UFC, think so) and it was cool having a local boy from MT hit the big time. I see him very regularly in movies now as the ‘bad guy muscle’ The Dean of Mean, Keith Jardine! His latest fight/death scene? The Punisher, he’s the dude that Frank absolutely fucks up with the change plate to the face, Butte, Montana boy right there! Ha!


Black Panther being nominated for Best Picture is one of the funnier things I’ve heard this week.


I thought I recognized him.


The first season of Jessica Jones was good, but it was too long and it got very repetitive towards the end of the season, which only needed 8 episodes but had 13 anyway. I haven’t seen the second season. I gave up on Netflix Marvel shows after the first 4 episodes of Daredevil S2.

Everything about these shows is now incredibly boring and repetitive. All of the heroes are more or less the same. They all do the same thing when fighting (IE hit stuff REALLY HARD), and some of them (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones) are way too powerful to be interesting in such a limited setting. There are no stakes when Luke Cage, who is basically Super Man without the flying and weakness to Kryptonite, is up against some random drug dealer in Harlem.

The Punisher is my exception to this because he’s not a super hero at all. My wife even likes it, and she hates super hero stuff.


Completely agree. In addition to what you said, I tried to get into Iron fist, but he’s a SJW. You can’t be a superhero and a bleeding heart.


Tell that to Captain motherfucking Planet


Captain Planet was a fucking demon. He was summoned from the depths of Hell using rings planted by Beelzebub…The summoning ceremony was lifted straight out of the Satanic bible, yo.


I agree with this. I think all the seasons should have gotten only 8 episodes. It would have forced the writers to streamline the plot and get rid of some of the filler episodes and stop them from being repetitive like you said.

I think you should check out season 3 of daredevil because it was probably my favorite but just like Jessica Jones season one it was more because of the villain arcs and not actually daredevil himself.


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Irish? Isn’t he Welsh?


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Noticed you left the American out of it … proof Captain Planet is indeed in league with the Prince of Darkness? Story at 7…