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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


@dt79 I don’t know what part of SE Asia you’re in, but how can you not enjoy a movie when they bring you a fresh towel, drinks, ice cream, etc., in a private lounge, before you lay in your own private bed to view the film?! I’m spending all of day watching shitty movies, because it’s so comfy.


Are you talking about a bathhouse cum massage palour? I usually take a nap in the screening room. The movie selections are limited.


“It’s very sad that this is response I get.When the point is if they make this new one with all men and it does well which it will. It might feel that “boys are better”it makes my heart drop. Maybe I could have use different words but I’m allowed to have my feelings just like them”


You fuckers were the ones who turned this into a female vs males thing in the first place! You BAITED THE REAL STUPID, SEXIST MALES from the start and used the small number of online comments from these morons to make the claim that EVERY MALE was against the movie because of sexism in an attempt to shame people into going to watch the movie.

It blew up in your faces. The movie BOMBED.

Now you’re playing the victim. “Oh no! This is going to show boys are better than girls! Boo hoo! Women should take our side regardless of how bad the movie was because this is a war against all of us!”.


NO ONE wanted this stupid gender politics game in the first place other than YOU. The audience just wants to watch GOOD MOVIES. You think I spend 20 bucks to watch a movie with the prior intent to hate on it?

What you fucks should be doing is apologising to the investors for losing them tens of millions of dollars by making such a shitty movie. Instead, you feel you are entitled to being PAID for another high risk investment, and moral outrage at being denied that is perfectly justified.

But, no… it’s always someone else’s fault.


Look at all the fucking reviewers now expressing outrage at the new sequel. They KNOW the 2016 movie bombed.

144 million budget. Add in worldwide marketing costs. Subtract the percentage of revenue from ticket sales that goes to theaters and distributers, which can amount to 60 percent in some countries, from it’s gross revenue. A movie this big has to make double to triple it’s budget just to BREAK EVEN. This move made 229 million worldwide. It was a BOMB.

Now think about whether these same reviewers were being objective when they gave the movie good reviews.


@dt79 is going to buy all the tickets to the new one out of rage


No, I’m waiting for more details. If it isn’t an all male main cast and the females in the movie are doing stuff other than letting the males grab ass, scrubbing the kitchen on all fours or making everyone sandwiches, I’m boycotting it! I hate women!


Uhhhhh not quite. More like below.

I mostly fell asleep during the movie. It seemed to be ok. They didn’t overemphasize his sexual preference. Probably the best line of the movie was when they pulled over in the rain and the Doc said he performs so white people feel more cultured. Sadly, that goes over most people’s heads and more movies will be made with strong female or minority leads that will win more awards. Meanwhile, it’s a pat on the back of the white Gwyneths of Hollywood for being cultured.


Nah, there aren’t any theaters like that over here. Something similar would probably cost at least 50 bucks per ticket where I live. I’m not paying that kind of money to watch a movie unless they’re screening old classics like Apocalypse Now lol.


I’m late to the party here since I wait for everything on Netflix or red box, but I finally watched Infinity War.

I’ve seen a few superhero movies and enjoyed them but this one was hard to keep up with because I had no idea who most of them were.

Why did they stop where they did? Why not add another five different super heroes onto the plot? Where was Gandalf in all of this? He could have helped out a bunch. Is Thanos the good or bad guy?

It had some great action but I think it was mostly special effects and not stuntmen.


So am I.

Pretty sure the wife has a crush on him. At least this season we both have the same name.

No more “Fran… I mean, ah, who ever you are!!!” awkward moments.


I was expecting a little more scaring on the face on the jigsaw character. Considering the amount of damage done to him


I’m now done binge watching Sherlock. Oh GOD, it’s so fucking good. Gregory House was the original Sherlock with a severe opiate addiction. This Sherlock is like House on meth.


Lol. It is the culmination of 10 years worth of Marvel movies…


I think I saw 3 of them. Iron Man, Spider man and The Hulk. I was coming in to a superhero superstorm totally blind. One superhero after another! Wouldn’t have been surprised at all for Gandalf to show up in the next scene!


Lol, ya… There are only 18 movies building up to Infinity War…



@dt79 for your enjoyment the 2019 Oscar nominations for best picture

Black Panther
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Favourite
Green Book
A Star Is Born


Grrr… I’m officially done with the oscars. The award means nothing anymore.

Roma will win if they have any integrity left.


I believe the shape of water won a few Oscars… It was one of my least favourite movies of all time haha


I’m 7 episodes in and I think it’s been pretty underwhelming in general.

(this could maybe be considered a little spoilersy but I’ll try not to be)

Obviously I’ve not seen the full thing yet so it might go out with a bang, but as of episode 7 there’s been like 2 really good fight scenes (first episode and the scene in the gym) and that’s about it. His little chick sidekick is about as one-dimensional as a character could be, and there’s been a few episodes which have really just been filler.

I’ll watch it to the end, but the last couple of seasons of Daredevil have been a hundred times better. I was hoping this season was going to be the Punisher chewing his way through hordes of bad guys, but all we’ve had is Jigsaw (who is still a much better looking than average man even with his scars) moping about, the hot middle-Eastern lady moping about, one legged black guy moping about…

And the bad guy fucking sucks too. Oh, so you’re a priest who kills people and recites scripture while he does it? How original! Haven’t seen that like 80 billion times before…


I just finished it last night and I agree the beginning of the season was a bit slow, but I thought it finished pretty strong. I thought they spent too much time on the stuff with the doctor. I actually likes the contrast between Frank and the girl.

Season 1 was definitely better, imo.


Season 3 was a little meh. I liked it, but not as much as 1 & 2 and I don’t like when they recycle bad guys. I like what’s his name as Kingpin, but wanted to see more bullseye.